November 20th, 2006


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So, I have shiny new dreads (a week old) that would be super-hot if not for one problem: DANDRUFF.
It's driving me so crazy I'm ready to brush this shit out just so I can have a good scratch.

Except I won't because I adore my new dreads, so instead I just need to know how frequently is safe to wash new dreads? I've been trying to leave them but the dandruff is awful and embarrasing. What's the point of having dreads if I have to wear huge headbands all the time to cover the snowflakes? Is regular anti-dandruff shampoo safe to use?

Thanks, sexy dreadsters.

attempt at combining dreads

Some of my dreads are way too flimsy and thin. I've read through the memories and I think that by flipping one dread through another's roots I will solve my problem. Though I understand that flipping a dread through its own root is detrimental, I'm willing to experiment a little. Hair needs friction to knot, but some dreads had very little hair to rub against to be able to form those knots. By combining them at the root it seems that it'll give the dread more substance. That and forked dreads are beyond awesome. I thought I'd share some pictures:

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