November 23rd, 2006

minnie noo


There are done. I swear I never thought we would ever be done. I now have 54 dreads that are sticking up everywhere and frizz that looks like its eating my scalp. But BUt I am not going to mess with my hair I promise, scouts honor (i am not a saint..i mean a scout) for about a month or so..then i will do just a little. I wish Thanksgiving was next week so I wouln't have to see the in-laws with hair that resembles that of a dragon ball Z character. I am going to tell them that I missed out on Halloween...maybe there uptight asses will laugh.

I am going to wear a headband and then a scarf to sorta control them for the day...

I am happy with them and I am trying not to think about them right now cause all that scalp action made my head start to itch and i don't want to wash my hair until next week.

we started 11am on November 21st and finished yesterday at 3pm. No sleep, lots of breaks so we can eat, drink, let my ass wake up, etc. I passed out at 6pm and i am now just waking up or I would have wrote this yesterday.