November 24th, 2006

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natural hair extensions????

my hair`s very short right now and growing, but i`m already planning to get dreads. i`m a bit impatient, yeah..., and have a question about natural hair extensions. what kind of hair should i use? i mean, since i want to be able to dread the hair that will be growing, should i use extensions that are similar to my own hair (when it comes to thickness, structure, etc.)?? my hair's a bit thin and curly when long, and obviously i don't want to end up with uneven, thinner-at-the-top dreads, so i'd be thankful for any suggestions.
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I'm absent a lot but there are four rules I need to discuss. These rules are not new. In fact, they were on the profile page right underneath of the Join This Community button. By joining, you agreed to these. I'm not trying to be a bitch but if people don't start paying attention to these, I'm gonna start deleting posts.

1. PUT BIG PICTURES UNDER A LJ-CUT. For FUCKSAKE this ain't that goddamn hard. If you don't wanna do that, then either resize the photo or just paste the link. Wanna know if your photo is too large. Come to the get_up_dread_up after you make the post. If it is so large that it stretches the layout, fix it. If you don't, I will. I'm tired of begging people. Oh and use correct warnings for extreme violence, nudity or things that might be triggering to others.

2. STOP ACTING LIKE ASSHOLES TO EACH OTHER. That means, don't like their hair? Then grow the fuck up. That also means you can't call someone's hair ugly or dirty or anything negative like that. I don't care if the photo is a picture of a member or a picture of some Rasta you found in the internet. Why? Because many people who grow natural dreadlocks get offended when their hair is considered gross just because it doesn't look like individual braids like some locks do. RESPECT PEOPLE. For some of us, this is religious and spiritual and you making fun makes you look like an insensitive prick.

3. THIS IS A PC COMMUNITY. That's right. I said it. OH NO! You'll have to take a few seconds to think before using language that might offend someone? THE SKY IS FALLING. Grow up. Any argument about free speech is void. There is no free speech. As a moderator, I can decide to ban you if I hate your icon. So my criteria for staying is simply, "Speak politely to others." If that's too oppressive in your world, you are always free to leave.

4. READ THE MOTHERFUCKING MEMORIES. People get tired of answering the same three questions over and over. Like, "How do you make dreadlocks?" or "How do you wash your hair?" or "What are real dreadlocks?" This is a dreadlock community, Jesus Christ. You think you're the first person to ask that? In fact, this place got so boring with repeat questions that I even stopped reading. This isn't good. PEOPLE. READ.

In conclusion: I had a really bad holiday and all I want to do is go back in time and punch a pilgrim so please don't make me have to start building a time machine. Because while I'm there I will find you as a baby and I will take your favorite toy and I will BREAK IT right in front of your innocent face.

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heyhey beautiful peoples !!! =) 

i have really long, really thin dreads. lately ive been admiring fatty's and really want some. is it possible to gather some human hair, make dreadies out of them and sew them in into my dreads to fatten them up ? 

what does everyone think of it ? would the result look kinda sketchy ? 

any opinions are welcome =) 


EDIT: i dont have enough dreads in my hair at all to combine dreads together to make fatter ones.

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hi, I'm new here :)
I have dreads for about three months now
and a question:
I have woolen dreads braided in my hair for almost all the time and wear my hair up in a ponytail. Does this slow down the dreading-proces? or will my dreads get deformed by this?
a few pictures:

two months old

what my hair looks like everyday

thank you! ^^
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So it's been awhile :)
But I'm home from school for a couple days and I finally have a camera!
I've had them for about 15 months now... they look kind of weird because they haven't been washed in a few weeks.

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I haven't dyed my hair (except for the green bit) since the one year mark in August... the color is funny though because it gets bleached out in the sun despite growing in so dark. I can't decide if I want to do something to it while I'm home; I kind of like the color now, but I get so restless, haha. I've been thinking about dyeing the underside with a semi-permanent dark brown or something, not sure.