November 26th, 2006

Monty Python God

Unrelated Modtastic Q & A time!

Sometimes I will post non-dread related questions for everyone to discuss. Why? Cause I'm bored and I can. :P

With that said...

The upcoming holidays are approaching so I decided to do some questions with a theme.

Which holidays do you celebrate and how?

Tell us one holiday memory.

What is the gift you always wanted to give someone else?

What is the gift you really want this year?

Finish this sentence: "On the 12th day of _____________, my true love gave to me..."

One Year, Seven Months

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Five more pictures.

I'm Zoé.
I'm 16.
I'm a dweeb.
I've had dreads for a while now, and I adore it.
I feel that, it's taught me to go with the flow more.
Things won't always be the way you want them to be.
Everything will always be individual and a process,
you gotta accept that.
You must wait, and the dreading will come.
That's what my dreads have taught me so far.

Somtimes, (like now) they change colours.
Which is nice.

First post!

Well I finally decided it was time to post an entry on this cool little community and share my pictures! I'm Marina and I got my locks done this summer for my 21st birthday (many thanks go to Kimberly for doing such a great job with them :) They'll be four months old next week and have already gone through so many stages!
I used to palm them after the beach over the summer but the last few months I haven't been taking care of them as much as I should. They got a little out of control so I found some beads to put in them and they seem to be doing much better.
Well, I'll try to keep the pictures limited on this one, but dreadies look so cool in pictures that I'm always taking pictures of them!

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P.S. Kim, if you have any pics from when you started them up, I'd love to see them!

It's been four months...

Uhm, it's been four months and two weeks since I last brushed my hair. I blame my school work for the delay :P I've figured something out since my last post though... It's that I seriously can't take pictures of myself. So you've been warned.

P.S. Zemfira rocks. Just so you know.

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