November 30th, 2006

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hey everybody!
I haven't updated in a while, so here are some recent pictures from October. I think my dreads might've finally stopped gaining length and started gaining thickness.
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anyone in orlando want to help me do some maintenance on my hair? I have to look nice for something slightly important next weekend and am worrying whether I can pull it off or not... I can trade maintenance or pay you for your time or whatever.



I went to aqua-aerobics for the first time. It was amazing.
And the chlorine, well, didn't affect my hair at all. I read the memories beforehand, so I was kinda prepared. Soaked my hair before I went and had it up real tight to keep the chlorine away :) I love getting advice from people who understand my hair instead of people who just....don't.

Except I cant go again. For a while.
Because I lost the end of my finger. HAHA.
Well, almost, they stuck it back on.


Pictures soon :)

Minty Monkey Goodness!!!

Big up the GUDU massive for all your best wishes and support over the last 6 months or so. I finished the initial six months of chemo last monday, and had a CT scan this monday. After the world's most agonizing three day wait for the results, I got them this afternoon. It looks like all that's left is scar tissue in my lungs, so all I need to do now is have a bone marrow biopsy on the 13th to make sure the cancer's gone from there, and as long as the tests show up clean, it's off to remissiontown for the monkey. Oh yes. Final results will be on the 21st, and you can bet your sweet arses I'll be updating y'all with the final scores then. And now, becuase I haven't posted any pictures since I lopped off my lovely locks:

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I’m sad. I don’t have dreads anymore. The story goes like this:

I woke up yesterday to a pillow that had some blood on it. The blood was from my scalp. My scalp was eaten alive by nasty scabs around each dread. At first I thought that maybe we backcombed them too hard but I later realized that the scabs were from all these bumps and sores, which I am guessing, were from the oils in my head. The same problem happened the last time but this time was worse. So I spent a little over an hour brushing out what I loved. After the dreads were out my husband was able to fully look at my scalp and its nasty. I feel sad but I know it wasn’t anything I did.