December 5th, 2006

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so is the NYC dready meetup still happening this weekend?
I'm going to be in the city anyway.
maybe we could all meet at the natural history museum or something? its pretty much free and its something to do and someplace warm to be.

and so this isnt text only:
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new fishy!

6 month

hiiii dready people. yesterday marks the 6th month birthday of my dreads existance! And I have developed the habit of posting once a month so yup yup this is it. Kinda a small update since i've been incredibly busy lately, I play jazz piano in a local jazz group and now we are gigging and such. BUT WHOS EXCITED FOR SNOWBOARDING SEASON!!?!?!!?!!! (skiiers too!!!) hell yesssssss

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ooooh and I also love new dready friends so if you feel so inclined you can add me on facebook or myspace. oh joy.

peaceeeeee lovely people
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Confessions from a Lurker

I always read the posts but never add, I feel guilty. So bear with me as I share all that I was previously afraid to share.

In remembrance of the lock I lost recently I wanted to contribute.
Here is the original story.

My locks are 6.5 years old now; and that is counting from the day I decided I wanted them to now.

Here are some images from the life of my locks.

and on my youtube page there are some dreadlock goodies.

I want to thank all of your for your stories, tips, and pictures.

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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if you would mind posting pictures of your dreads and than stating how you orginally sectioned it.

Also. I'm doing a sort slow process sectioning thing with my own hair. I don't really have the time to commit to doing them all at once cause of finals. It's been about two weeks and a few have been sectioned and combed and rolled in the back of my hair where it was starting to get matted. The rest isn't too knotty so I'm just letting it go for now till I have the time/it get's starts getting so knotted that I need to section it before I'm stuck with the natural course it takes.
Does anyone have any comment's suggestions about going this route?

Stupid LJ cuts.

Ok, so I wanted to post some pictures, but the LJ-cuts are RUBBISH. And it wont work..again!!

Anyone else having problems wih them?
So you only get two..

wrinkly forehead haha x
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Thanks so much for helping with the project I have going for my son!

Here's the original post:

I just put an update on my blog today with some fun reading and have a list on my side bar showing where he's gotten his post cards from.

Also wanted to let you know that if you'd like to post this to your own LJ page or any groups you're on that might be interested, that would be awesome!

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Attn: People who have made dreads from human hair extentions!!

my real hair is finally long enough that i can start my real set and add extentions in (if i didn't i'd look like a round-faced prickly pear)

i'm sitting here backcombing and palm rolling extentions, and i'm realizing that the ends are so thin, by the time you get to the bottom of the section, that it's almost impossible to get them to do anything.

what's the best way to start the ends of your extender-dreads?

(ps i'm putting them in on saturday morning so yes, there will be pictures!)
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Im super bored and avoiding doing homework.

I went camping last night with four friends in the freezing cold and the snow. Let me make mention now that I live in Syracuse NY, which is on record the snowiest city in the continental US.

IM bored and I like to be able to see the back of my head and how its coming along.

My second set - They'll be three weeks on Thursday

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Happy dreading =)

close to the end...

Alrighty folks. It's been a long journey, and I've really loved this place. This is my second to last post. Yes, I am really bad at like, good byes, and the good bye to my dreads is gonna be so bad that i have to prepare myself by having a pre-farewell post. And this is it. Enjoy!!!!

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the final countdown is exactly a week. Unlike most of the cool kids, I do not trust myself with the task of cutting my own hair, so I am going to my pre-dread stylist to have them shorned. Wish me luck! PIcs will enuse!!!

I love all you guys so so so much!!

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I got dreadlocks finally.

I made an entry not too long ago saying how I was going to get dreadlocks in about March. I'm currently 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant and was going to wait until after I had my son, but then I realized the more i put this off (which i've done for a year and a half) the less likely it would get done. So I spent all yesterday putting dreadlocks into my hair. I have short weird layered hair in front and really long hair in the back (34 inches). . .so combined i have a crazy mane. hehe. i like it though. I'm happy with the results. I didn't put my bangs into dreadlocks. I'm going to wait until they grow out a lot longer. There are about 55-60 of them in my head (i stopped counting at 50 but there weren't too many left).

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