December 9th, 2006

Gross stuff.

hiii. so i had been lettinng my hair naturally dread up for a month and a half, my hair was locking up really fast because of its coarseness and me playing with it a lot. but anyway, i came to the decision that i wanted my dreads to look neater and more uniformed, and would just rather do a set backcombed. soo, i'm in the process of combing out what had just started, and uh, theres some weird gray sticky stuff in the middle of my young dreads... which i found weird cause i still wash my hair almost every day. but yeah i'm guessing its dandruff? question is if i use dr. bronners tea tree oil shampoo (or other dandruff remedies) when i begin my backcombed set will that help my dandruff and that little problem? or is it kindaa inevitable?
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Does lemon juice bleach dreads?

I looked in the memories under lemon juice but didn't really find anything conclusive about this, so:

Does spraying lemon juice on your dreads bleach them?

Does it depend if you use fresh/concentrate?

Does it depend how much you dilute it?

I'm assuming the answers to all of those is yes, but if anyone could share their experiences I'd appreciate it =) I've been contemplating spraying my dreads with lemon juice but I don't want the colour to change.

Along the same lines, does anyone know if lime juice has the same effect on dreads in terms of drying/tightening/bleaching? I guess if it's the same acidity as lemon juice then it will, but perhaps it's an alternative - has anyone ever tried using any other citrus juices (orange? grapefruit?!!).
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whole head dread?

Hey Everyone! I know there are many posts on this topic, but I am very interested in starting dreads. I have very fine hair, but I have a ton of it. It's three inches past my shoulder and is somewhere between wavy and straight. I have had two-four dreads at a time before, and they seem to lock up pretty fast. I've posted a couple pictures of myself and I want you to tell me if you think dreading my whole head is a good idea, what method may be best, and whether or not I should use wax.

Thank You and Much Love

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Hello people...

I'm distraught, I think my dreads have gone completely wrong and I may have to comb them out very soon :(

Nearly 4 weeks ago I backcombed them, and I REALLY loved them, still do. They started looping, which I thought was great, thats what theyre supposed to do, right? Then a week ago, after I had washed them, I was drying and found on the left side of my head the roots had all formed a huge clump. Its like I have a scalp, then a huge clump of hair and then dreads coming from the huge clump. So I thought I'd leave it, didnt want to rip anything, I put a few beads in and kept palmrolling. Now the clump is bigger, and its now not the only clump. There are five, all over merging into each other. Not only that but some dreads dont know where they belong and have started to migrate across my head to join other dreads, lol. Basically, its like the roots are a giant scalp fitting dreadlock with lots of confused dreadlocks sprawling from the rooty mass.

Is it too late? Must I take immediate action and comb it all out?

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