December 10th, 2006

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2 week old dreads

So two weeks old, today! As they get older, I like them more.
3 photos, shouldn't be a whole heck of a lot on anybody's bandwidth:

I suspect there's maybe about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch in total growth.
My hair grows *really* slow, but then again, I eat very badly, so what
do you expect?

Groggy me going to go out for brekky in just a few minutes after I
post this. I look much better in greyscale with this camera than
I do in colour.

Close up of a bead. Flash washed it all out, but I zoomed in
some - people need to understand that there's nothing perfect about dreads.
My friend Rose says now they are starting to, 'look' like dreads.
I also got some finger pointing yesterday at the post office. I think
they thought I was a street kid with my patchwork skirt and ratty jean
jacket. Works for me. I may go bead shopping later on, my beads
have a tendancy to vanish during the night. (read, fall out, then kitties
get ahold of them and I find them whenever I do the house-keeping...whenever
that is...)


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Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while and I finally decided to post. I dug out my digital camera last night, so here's my dreads. They're almost three months old.
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I was just curious how everyone went about srarting their dreads, so I figured I'd take a poll.

Neglect (not necessarily not washing, just not combing.)
Other (if so, what?)

Just interested in seeing the ratio.


okay so before you say so, i am reviewing the memories once again and printing off important stuff.
i have nixed the idea of the salon to put in my dreads...for now...trying to save my money and hopefully still get good dreads.
im having a friend help me put them in sometime this week hopefully, she did one year of cosmetology so i'm hoping the hair background will help although she's never worked with dreads.
i think im going to order some wax to help start them? because i work with the public and want them to look nice even when they're started.

so, besides the memories...any advice before we take the plunge into the world of dreads?

thanks in advance for any help, i really do appreciate it!