December 18th, 2006

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over the pass few weeks i stopped straightening the shiza out of my hair every morning and just let it do what ever it wanted to do.Then i decided,heck,why not get some dreads!so i did.Took 2 hrs of backcombing with a fleabrush&tieing it down with my ortho rubber bands and another hr palm rolling them.Its been one day and 12 hrs since their birth,and im very pleased with them.Im glad i got dreads somewhere in my life,ive always wanted them.And now here they are..

right after it was done.

this morning(side view)

tied up.

last month.

sorry for the awful quality!i had to use my camera phone.
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So Im home from college on winter break for five weeks. I got my old job back a resturant called Smokey Bones for the few weeks Im home. Ive had my dreads the four or five times Ive stopped in between when I left for college and now, my rehire. But today one of my managers pulled me aside (the same one that gave me shit about having pink hair before my dreadlocks) and told me I had to do something about them. Apparently in our company manual theres a rule in there under the proper grooming/dress code policy that discourages "matted" hair. He told me to straighten it out or something that makes it look less terrible or I might not make it through the holiday season.

I sort of shrugged it off and figured that last night I did some maintance for myself and Id take out the few rubber bands and finish up some more maintance tonight. But then a guest made a comment to me about two hours later. The conversation went along the lines of:

Him: Whats wrong with your hair?
Me: They're dreadlocks sir.
Him: Well I don't like them.
Me: Im sorry sir. I don't mean to offend.
Him: You would never work for me. Not like that. I would never let you work for me.

Then I left him. I couldnt stand to listen to his old man bullshit anymore. How fucking rude. I didn't shit to anyone. I hate people who judge others.

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Sad dreadhead =(

Its terrible to think that I should learn to accept this kind of behavior from people. It really is terrible that I have to tell myself that Im going to be discriminated against and that's something I have to learn to live with if I want to keep my dreads.
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hi guys ! im just wondering if you guys would be willing to give me your opinion?
i feel like i need a change..a fresh start for everything in my life and i want something to grow as a part of me. thats why i gave dreads a thought.
the problem is, my hair is pretty thin and my parents and friends insist it would just look a total mess.
at the end of the day, they no nothing about i wondered if from looking at a picture you'd be able to maybe give me some help and advice ? 
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happy holidays you pretty looking dreadies!!

one week and one day!

I washed my dreads this morning for the first time, they held up well.  It produced some loose hairs and whatnot, but no worries.  They got softer, but I don't think it really loosened them.  My scalp felt soooo good after, all tingly.  Palm rolling seemed to make a huge difference.
I like the way they look down, now.  The washing made them settle a lot.

I still have my rubber bands on my tips(I'm a little afraid to take them out, heh.  They'll look better without them but I swear some dreads just feel like regular hair, even though they've been holding their shape.)  but I'm going to take them out when I wash them next, on wednesday(leaving for vacation that day!).

Anyways, people keep telling me "re-backomb them!" about the looser ones.  And other people were like "NOOO YOU WASHED THEM."  I'm not sure they understand the whole "it takes time"  thing, no matter how I try to explain it!  In the end, I like them and I know I'll LOVE them once they tighten(as long as I leave them alone... mostly) so I suppose that's all that matters.  They're off to a pretty good start so I think it'll be a matter of a couple of months until I start seeing them tighten considerably.

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burt's bee's shampoo (NOT the bars)

I *did* check the memories, and I didn't find any mention of the new Burt's Bees liquid shampoo. Has anyone tried it on their dreads? I have been using Dr Bronner's for 2 1/2 yrs and it's time for a change, it makes my dreads really dry and I have buildup problems (more likely it's dandruff, as a kid I fantasized about shaving my head so I could get rid of it once and for all, 's that gross). 

Also, what about using generic conditioner? I know this sounds dumb, but it won't make my dreads unravel, will it? I asked a fellow dreadie in my town but she's never conditioned her dreads (which are *gorgeous* waist-length red coils).

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