December 19th, 2006


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Hey guys, guess who crawled out the woodwork again(and will most likely disappear again, for reasons unknown) well its me, i'm really bad at posting in here, i read it quite a lot and yet never seem to post or even comment. i guess its cause this is the only thing on livejournal i actually use, my blog died years ago. Oh well. Just thought i'd say hey and i'll leave a pic for you all just incase anyone remembers me.

my dreads are about 2 3/4 years old now. looking forward to the big 3rd bday :)

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My dreads are young (about 6 weeks) and are rebelling, as all kids do. They're all frizzy and loopy, growing together at the roots and just plain horrible looking. The look awful, barely even recogniseable as dreads. It's embarassing, I have to wear a headscarf to leave the house.
The growing together I can handle, I just seperate them, and the loops look a little better after being palm-rolled a bit, but the frizz! It just won't budge. I've tried clock-wise rubbing, holding the frizz in with rubber bands, looping the hair through... nothing works.

I accept that this happens when they're young, but I've never seen anyone else's look as bad as mine do. I need to have them looking decent-ish for Christmas (spending the day with judgemental relatives) and much as it pains me, I've even contemplated brushing them out.
Hopefully it won't come to that... any suggestions on anything else that may help?

new dreadies

Hey Cats,

I haven't posted in ages, mostly coz I got rid of my dreads. I had a huge undercut I was trying to grow out and it just wasn't working for me, so I decided to cut 'em off and start over when my hair was more even. I was going to wait until it was longer, but I got impatient and so I'm starting now.

I'm doing it differently this time though. No backcombing or anything. I'm just letting them come in naturally, of their own accord. My hair dreads really easily and all I really had to do was stop using conditioner. [I already haven't been brushing it for years.]

Anyway, I thought I'd show you guys how they're progressing.

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i'm doing my friend's dreads right now.
i was wondering if anybody was willing to council me a bit.
my aim is ludiescreativity.
message me!

thanks so much to anyone who can be of help

<3 ludie