December 23rd, 2006


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Haha, I'm staying at my mother's for a few days, and just spent several minutes rummaging through my overnight bag looking for my hairbrush before I remembered... I no longer need a hairbrush! Ah, the freedom of dreads.
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so, it looks like i'm going to be buying some mountain sky soaps for some folks and mailing them out. shipping to ny was about $6 CDN for one, and it would not be much more for 2 or 3... and the bars are $3.50 CDN or so.

if you want to check out shipping, you can go here for shipping to the us or here for shipping internationally. each bar is about 140 g, and the minimum size they'll ship is about 20 by 10 by 5 centimeteres... my postal code is v2a5m9 when you're calculating. or you can let me know what it is you want and i'll figure out shipping and let you know.

so, (andsmith_mila and fauxfraud this means you too!) take a look at their site, figure out what (i highly reccomend the rasta bar hemp soap for your hair, but all of their products are nice), and how much you want, and reply here or email me at gershling at hotmail dot com.

also, as long as i can afford shipping to where you live, i am willing to work out trades for cool stuff (ie cool t-shirts, jewlery, whathaveyou). i'm poor but i know many of you are too... let me know if you have a proposal!


i got em.

little over a week old. painful little fuckers.

method was dying first (no conditioners), backcombing and (lots of:) ripping and twisting. no wax.

this is my second set, they are doing SO much better than my first set ever did (backcombing/ripping twisting/wax). they dont look very tight, bad pictures, but they are doing great.

whatevs, here they is:

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i'm glad they are back. i missed them very much.

thats all i got. werdtothewerd.
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