December 26th, 2006


I never expected to do this, but at the looks of it, I'm helping a friend get a full head of dreads going in a few days! Some of his hair has been naturally dreading for the past six months, so it's kind of crazy and out of control, stuck together and whatnot. He has some crazy, curly, thick hair so backcombing the undreaded hair will work just fine, I just hope I'll be able to work something out with the already dreaded parts of his hair. The ones I'm not sure what to do with are dreaded at the tips (one was actually done intentionally) but really loose at the roots.. so I don't know if I should backcomb the loose parts?? I'm pretty excited to do this for the first time and will hopefully be getting some maintenance on mine in return :) But I'd like to ask the pros about some of my guys first. I have a couple of dreads that are doing some funky things, I call them bumps but I think they're just curls caught outside the dread: 

The dread is really tight from the root down until the point where the curl beat it's way out of the dread and is making two big bumps and then it continues to be tightly dreaded till the end.. what to do with this! 

This one is strange too, I can't get it to go back in, even with a bead so I thought about cutting it off or maybe getting a friend to macrame a hemp piece over it? Will that make it go into the dread though?

Well any help or advice would be awesome and if anyone is in the LA area and wants to perhaps help me knot my friends hair up really nice, please let me know =D 

Hope you all are having a great holiday season and please keep posting pictures of your beautiful locks! 

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real hawk


Ugh, so I'm going through one of those phases where I'm just blah with my dreads. I have this ugly ugly horrible habbit of ripping out little bits of hair here and there, usually from the ends, and in turn, my dreads have gotten messy and frizzy and there's hair ALL over my apartment, my car, my boyfriend's car... everywhere. And there are a few dreads that it looks I pick on the most because they're way shorter than they used to be. And I feel horrible but it's a nervous/anxious habbit almost and I can't stop! And they're at an awkward length. I missed them being short and sticking out in all directions, but they're not long enough to look really majestic. They're just at this boring blah length.

Lately I've been thinking that I should just chop 'em off and stick with short spikey hair or something. But I know I'll be miserable without them because I was miserable during the year in between this set and my last one.

I think maybe I just need a good session of maintenence or something. Just to get rid of some loops and all the loose hair. Ah le sigh. I just wanted to vent. 'Specially since I haven't posted in a gazillion years. I even missed their 2 year birthday at the end of November. Blah. I don't even have recent pics because I just don't want to take any.

Hopefully in the next few days I'll take some pictures and make myself feel better, but for now, I just needed to vent.
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hey this is erica (holywater) i posted here a couple of times, just got a new journal
anyways, just wanted to share something kind of shitty that happened to me today.
i was at the mall spending my gift certificates from christmas. i was walking towards this bookstore when i heard people talking behind me.
girl: ew, look at that girls hair
guy: don't you think thats so ugly?
girl: yeah, ew (etc.)
obviously they wanted me to hear them, and anyone else around, i just looked back at them then they laughed.
these same assholes i saw getting out of a truck w/ a huge confederate flag in the back window
the whole thing seemed so stupid to me. didnt really hurt my feelings it was just unescessary. this is the second time i've gotten rudeness for having dreads, and amusingly both times it's been at the mall.
everyone else has been really nice, i get compliments and stuff and random people ask me questions about it. pretty neat. =)
as for my hair its getting alot better. its been only five weeks now and theyre already starting to tighten up, probably because of my hair type. plus my friend who also has dreads worked on them and whatever he did is working really well.
i hope everyone had / is having a great holiday season.
and sorry this is text only, my digital camera is messed up right now.
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Caren in hell

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Merry day after! I hope you all had a frank and productive holiday.

A slightly poor shot of my dreads from yesterday, now 3 months old. From this distance, you can't see the psycho-loopage that has been happening. Still, I am in love with each one.

Newness and all...

My name is Keri.
I'm new to this community, old to livejournal (this is a new account though).
I've been lurking around this community over the past couple of weeks and decided that I had to join!
There are a lot of knowledgeable people here in my opinion and I also think that I have some knowledge to contribute to discussions about dreadlocks.

About my dreads:
This is the first time I've ever had dreadlocks, and boy, have I made some mistakes along the way!
Everything is finally starting to come together after about 6 months, though.
My dreads were formed using the rip and twist method.
I was a wax user.
Currently I use aloe and salt water to tighten my babies up.
And I must say, my dreads are one of the best (if not the best) things that happened to me in the past year :)


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dear girl at the vestal, ny movie theater at 2:10pm on christmas day,
your dreads were so pretty.
i wanted to cut both of our dreads off, and sew yours to my scalp, and leave you with a pile of not so nice dreads.
aren't you happy i didn't?
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a laugh

so i was walking at night with my now-ex through the parking lot of Whole Foods-where he works- at night to his car for his 15min break. we walk past this big waste of a luxury suv with three pre-teen girls hanging out of it booty-dancing to the beat of some rap song they probably shouldn't be listening to (the chorus was literally about "doin' some hoes" or something to that effect, good stuff. don't get me wrong, i love listening to local freestyling, but some of the songs on the radio are ridiculous). so aswe walk past and get a little distance, one of them shouts "comb your hair!" as they all errupt into giggles. i don't even bother looking back, just laugh and shake my head. then another one joins in with "it's called conditioner!". now, i'm a very rational and calm person- i know they are silly little 11-12year olds whose rich parents (it's that side of town and the car gave it dead away) probably emphasize the need to be pretty, popular, fit in, and wear the latest lables out there because those girls were acting like the kind of bratty kids that result from no parental control (ie. leaving them in the car with the keys in a dark parking lot alone). so i look at them and just say "grow up" and walk away. then as we're walking back they shout something else i didn't quite catch, but along the same lines of how weird i looked. joel (the ex) was getting a kick out of how absurd the whole thing was so he decided to have some fun. we both looked straight at them and turned out walking direction to start walking directly towards the car. as soon as the girls see this, they shriek and scramble back into the can and we can hear them furiously rolling the windows as fast as they could. i started laughing as we walked by (especially because when joel fake-lunged at the car, we could hear their muffled screams from inside the car) and as we walked a few car lengths away (so they'd have to climb out of the car a bit to see us walking away), joel crouches down and starts making his way back towards their suv so they couldn't see him sneak up. they slowly start getting back out of the car and as soon as they start gaining confidance that we're far away joel pops out and says something to the effect of "boo!" and i've never seen squirrles so jittery and scramper off so fast. hahahahahahaha

yes, i'm 24 and had the best time scaring the shit out of prissy 12-year-olds who made fun of my dreads.

don't judge me.
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Some friends and me went to Italy this fall, so I thought it's a good chance to show my dreadlocks
I own them since 2 years, but I trimmed them often in the past so that they are not that long now

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btw: Are there any people living in Ohio? I'll be there in June for 10 weeks and would like to meet some interesting people :)
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