December 30th, 2006

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New Dreads ~

Hi!! I've been lurking a bit in this community since my hair started to dread. I figured I'd say hello and post some pics :) Its been 3 weeks, my hair has always wanted to dread, so now I'm letting it have its way. I twist and rip, use vinegar/herb rinses plus I wash my hair with handmade shampoo bars or residue free liquid shampoos.

Since LJ cut happens to not be my friend :P Heres a link:

my dreading hair
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I went to this awesome vintage store my friend and I found back in October today.  It's called Years Ago go, and the cashier has lovely, bright pink dreads. I should have taken a picture. Anybody around Pensacola, FL, ever been to the store? It's kind of in Warrington actually...
She makes these fake dread attachments for hair out of yarn.   
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in love


for the holidays it seems like everyone has been posting pictures of their lovely families. i didn't get to spend the holidays with my family because they live on the other side of the (huge) country. i am sorely missing them at the moment, and so i thought i'd contribute a picture from the last time i saw them.

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