January 4th, 2007

Florida Pimpin'

So I'm living in michigan. Lived here my entire life, but in 2 weeks I'm moving to Florida. It's going to be a huge change and i figure no time is better than now to get dreads. I've wanted them for some time but always tend to cut my hair when it gets to just about the right length. anyway, enough rambling. I was wondering if there was anyone in the orlando area(Lake Mary to be exact) willing to give me a hand.
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age: four months on jan 6th.

i felt the need to fiddle with my camera, so in celebration i shall give you a tour of my head and introduce some dreads.

he used to be the same length as all my other dreads.
(image heavy)
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in other news, i'm covered in hives and am kind of a leper. but i think i'll spare all you lovely ladies and gents of that sight. second, i have matching tiger's eye jewelry for my medusa piercing:

please excuse the silly face.

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I got all the wax out this morning with a good hot wash when I got in the shower. I checked every dread once they were all dried.

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And they dont look too shabby either. I like the way the DHHQ shampoo makes them feel after a wash.

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Hey everyone!
I was planning on dreading my hair in the summer, probably in june. But I wasn't sure if I really wanted to because i knew that I'd probably have a problem taking them out if I needed to. So I decided to put one in on the underside of my hair, and let it lock up for a month or so. It's been in for about 2 months, so I'm going to wait a little bit longer, then try to brush it out, and if it's easy enough to do, then I'm going to do my whole head. But, one of my friends said that she didn't think that dreads would look good on me. She thought they'd look too harsh. I'm planning on leaving my bangs and doing the rest about the same size that I have my one in now. So, I'm just looking for honest opinions about whether or not I would look okay with them. Thanks to all that respond!

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7 months!

heyyyyyy. sooooo this is my monthlyish update here and since my last post i've bleached some dreads, and dyed afew of the ones underneath black. I needed a change.
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Hello. :) I've been reading this community for a long time now. I've got dreads for 2/3 months now and everyday I like them more and more. Here are 2 pictures of them Collapse )

That's all for now I guess. Bye :)
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gudu made something happen.

so, a couple weeks ago some guy here made reference to me in his post to gudu, which of course incited flirting. he came over that week for maintenance on his 2.5 year old dreads... & it seems i haven't put him down since.

this is joe, rocking out on a small square of pavement which reads "designated riot zone". he's mine. keep your hands offa my shit.

the dye job i did on him is still too dark because he hasn't had a spare hour to do a second thorough rinsing, but it's going to look very blue-green-submarine-depths in a few weeks. (he's also been leaving blue dye all over my apartment, so that's lovely. *throatpunch*) there are more pics of the dread work i did on him on my hair page for those interested. (direct link here).

now. behind the cut are some photos which aren't naughty enough for naughty_knotty, but you should probably all quick sign up for access there before i get frisky with the camera again.

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enjoy. i'll post something new on my dreads soon enough. (recent pics: 1 2 3)

Caren in hell

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So, after a holiday hiatus, I am heading back into my jewelry studio this week. I wanted to send out feelers...would anyone be interested in sterling silver dread beads? I made myself some spikey tube beads and I am really happy with the way they came out.

They'd wind up being about $15 - 20 apiece (they are handmade sterling!) and I could customize sizing or designs, if someone wanted to preorder.

If there is any interest, I'll make some more and give y'all first dibs before they go into my shop.

Here is a crappy photo from my phone cam for an idea.
Also in this photo is a lovely horn bead that someone bought for me as a gift. It's a very cool bone white and dark brown swirl pattern, almost tribal. It's waaaaay too wide for even my fattest dread (mine are about pencil to sharpie marker in thickness). If someone with fatter dreads wants it, make me an offer. It's really pretty.