January 5th, 2007

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hello. i've been a member for quite some time and don't remember if i've ever posted...

i read the memories a lot and such and just wanted to say that they have helped me a lot over the past! my locks are about 7 months or so and i love them!

speaking of the memories i was reading about having "normal hair dreams" and i just wanted to say i have them all the time!!! its so crazy. sometimes in the dream i'll take a shower and their all washed out or i just start the dream off with normal hair. the weird thing is, is that in every dream i have the same awful haircut (i had this haircut when i was in like first grade or so) its this nasty reaaaaaally short bob type thing that's kinda shaved in the back-underside. and not that i'd need reassurance that i want to keep them or anything, but i almost percieve those dreams like, "this is what my hair would look like if i cut them off or didnt have dreads". it's very silly.

but anyways i thought i'd share that with you guys.

hopefully i'll keep in touch more often now that i have internet access at my home and work!

love ya!!!
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I was fortunate enough to find this community a few days ago. You guys have an excellent knowledge base that has answered just about all the questions I had for starting my dreads. But let me annoy all of you with my last 2 questions about waxes and sectioning:

From my research, I've found that the average hot shower is about 120 degrees. Thinking about wax, I've found that the melting point of beeswax is 146 degrees and that of paraffin is 133 degrees. I have both DreadheadHQ and Knotty Boy waxes. Dreadhead wax has paraffin in addition to beeswax, while KB has beeswax. So... am I correct in assuming that the Dreadhead wax will come out more easily? The paraffin and beeswax content has me worried I'll get some junk in there I'll never really get out. Since I really hate the smell of either, I'm planning on starting the dreads using as little (or preferably none at all) wax as possible. Another brand of wax (which might smell better to me)purports to have a lesser amount of beeswax, LOCK'D DOWN Dreadlocks Butter, but I'm wondering if it isn't too greasy to use on my straight Caucasian hair. After all I've read I'm really distrustful of any wax. Can I get by with just using KB's Locksteady aloe based gel? I'm just wanting to keep the shorter dreads together long enough to get them started. I realize that dreading needs movement, so I want to use as little product as possible.

I have some shorter hair (about 3 to 6") that was cut into a bob of sorts plus some VERY long braids in the back. The longest is about 31", two shorter ones are about 15". I'm aiming for smaller dreads, maybe about the size of a bic pen or maybe a sharpie marker. I'm wondering if I should make the sections for the longer hair larger so the dreads will be able to take the weight of all that hair. I'd be mortified if one broke off.

Sorry for the mile long post. Forgive me, for I am inexperienced and don't want to make too many mistakes.
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Well, this weather sucks

'llo, everyone, I have a curiousity question.

Has super-humid weather (rain, especially, and excessive rain in particular!) ever caused something like mold in anyone's dreads?

I live in a very rainy place, and have to be outsie a lot, walking here and there, my jacket is almost perpetually wet. So, my dreads have been feeling damp for quite a while, they dry up during the night (it seems, who knows if they are actually dry way on the inside), but then I wake up and go outside, and get bombarded by raindrops. Has anyone from a similar environment had any problems with their locks? I'm so paranoid! :-)

Oh, and, I've never owned an umbrella, and don't intend to because, frankly, they are useless around here, the rain is usually accompanied by wind, and I always see people with their umbrellas turned inside out, flying around like Mary Poppins.