January 7th, 2007


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A few quick questions.

This one's for UK people: do you know of any shop where I could get Manic Panic or is the internet the best place to look? I was thinking about looking in places like Boots/Superdrug.

And what effect will the no 'poo have on hair dye? Would it make it fade quicker than normal shampoo or should I avoid using it all together?

And the last question is kind of weird but wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing. When I go to bed at night it feels like ym dreads are moving, I haven't got bugs int hem or anything like that, I figured it was the loose hair settling down. It's such a weird feeling, had it since my dreads were put in. Does anyone else have this?

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this is my first post but i've been in this community since i started my dreads. just wanted to wait and post until they started looking like dreads. freshly dyed blue and green. 2 1/2 months old (?) i think. :)

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2 months

Most of my dreads will soon turn 2 months, but some are about 5 months old. I feel guilty for not taking pictures, but I'm just so bad at it! But nonetheless, herein I enclose some rather craptacular shots.

My dreads are, as expected, pretty messy at the moment, but not too bad, they look better in real life, I swear! :-) The younger ones are actually about the same tightness (IF not tighter even!) as the older ones, the latter I did on my own and got off to a loose start. So, yes. They are doing pretty well, I think, at any rate, I'm proud of them! Just wish they were longer, at least a couple inches longer, currently the shortest ones are the ones in the back, and they are about 2 inches long. Can't even put them up in pigtails, really... :-( And overall, their length is very uneven, which is my punishment for screwing up my previous set of dreads and having to cut them off like that.

Today I bought some toe rings at Claire's and put them over some of the thicker dreadlocks. 2-month birthday present, of sorts. Plus, I'm really sick, so doing something to my hair made me feel better. Anyway, some pictures...

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Take care, everyone!
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So, I'm having a bit of a trouble with a sticky out dread. I've just scanned the memories and such and fond out other things, but I didn't see that. Oh and um, I didn't see anything really on the neglect method, which is pretty much what's going on except for a few I just feel like creating every now and then. Any advice on that would be great, the neglect and the sticky out.

Oh, scratch the sticky out, it wants to go to the back of my head.

Weird technique?

I have a new technique for making my 3 1/2 month old dreads look a bit neater after sleeping on them, but I'm not sure if I should advise this. I've never heard of anybody doing this, but it's possible that it's been done before.  Attempt at your own risk, please.

I take a dread along with all the little stray hairs around it which fell out after sleeping on them, etc., then do some backcombing a bit more [if needed] with a teasing comb. I take the dread and do some palm rolling on it and twist it tight, and then I take my hot hairstraightener (enough to burn my fingers, but not my hair), and just fry the twisted dread a bit, and at the bottom too.

I find that it dries out the hair and somehow it sticks together better. I figure, the drier the chunk of hair is, the more tiny little broken hairs will be around and get all knotted and twisted easier. I've been doing it for a few weeks now and I've noticed a huge change in the thickness and overall appearance of my dreads, in that it has improved.

If you do decide to try this, lemme know how it works out for you. Leave a comment here, I get them emailed to me.