January 9th, 2007


dready #1

the beginning! just thought i'd share this is my first baby dread. hopefully tomorrow [weds at the latest] my entire head will be completed with some assistance of friends.
im soo excited!

used a method of both backcombing and rip and twist, it seems to work and my hair knottd easier then expected. yay!


Hi all! I Wish to find friends on correspondence which I shall help me with English language. I from Russia from St-Petersburga! me 21 old . I shall be glad to new acquaintances =))))

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Hi there, well it's been forever since I've posted on here but to be honest I'm in a bit of a dilemma and I needed help with my dreadys and I thought, what better place to go? :) So, I've had my dreads for nearly 3 years and I now bleach them blonde and have brushed out the four front ones to create a sort of fringe, or bangs I suppose lol. Anyway, my issue is how I wear them. Now it's not that they're not versatile, it's just I always wear them down ya know, just normal. I just wondered what some of you guys do with yours to change the style? I sometimes tie them back, or in bunches but I think that makes me look really young haha. So basically any ideas would be appreciated. Oh um most are a couple of inches longer than shoulder length but I have a couple of shortys as you do, so it's not really a problem tying them back or anything.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v438/go_rators/07-01-07_2342.jpg ; My dreadys as of yesterday, it was late lol :)

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ahh hi, ive been watching this community for awhile, and i finally decided to make a post, haha

i have 9 dreads, 6 are natural and the other three are "hot, tropical dreads" (haha) that my friend gave me..

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I've been fascinated with dreads since I was fourteen or so, and now, just one month shy of my eighteenth birthday, I feel as though I'm finally ready.

I don't want to pay a hairdresser some ridiculous amount of money, so I figure I'll just do them myself. For those of you who have done your own, how long did it take? and were you pleased with the results? (especially the ones on the back of your head) I'm terribly nervous haha

Looping Dreads Through The Roots

I did this when my dreads started, unfortunately.
My scalp was bugging me so much and looping them through felt so good and made them nice and tight.
I recently "took out" all of the loops, but in one or two of my dreads I have gaping holes at the roots or have formed two "mini dreads" that come together into one. They kinda look like a Y that's attached to my head, if that makes it easier to understand.
Recently, I sewed these mini-dreads together with thread.
Will this help?
Was I right to do this (sew them together, I mean, not loop them through)?
Has anyone else had similar experiences?

(I don't think I saw anything about this particular aspect of looping in the memories... if there was and I'm just being blind, then yell at me ;))