January 10th, 2007


work story!

i have a desk job at a newspaper. and sometimes i get bored, waiting for obituaries and business briefs to come in, or waiting for some person to return my phone call.

so i end up doing silly things with my hair, like holding them in my hands like i'm going crazy, einstein-style, or putting them up like pippi longstocking. (the things you can do in a cubicle!). today i was doing one of my favorite silly things, which is tying my hair under my chin to make it look like i have a beard, and then looping another dread under my nose for that added mustache effect.

i was typing in an e-mail in this fashion, concentrating really hard, actually on the content, and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper walks by. he says, "hey kim" like he usually does, but then he did a double-take, and he just burst out laughing. it wasn't just laughter, though, it was doubled over, tears streaming down his face laughter.

i'm glad my goofy antics made someone's day (instead of getting me into trouble).

what do you do with your dreads when you're feeling bored or rambunctious?

help needed in NYC

Helllo, so i've become lazy with the maintenance of my dreads...one of things i love about them soooo much is they're generally easy to deal with! i was never a fan of the daily task of taming my hair before i had dreads!!

but now i need some help. i came to NYC in October, and shortly after arriving i met a guy who did some great work on my head! but he's since left the country, and my hairs are needing more attention.

soo, i'll get to the point...is there anyone in the new york area (i'm in manhattan) who would be willing to do some work on my dreads?

i'm definetly willing to pay, but my finances aren't as booming as i'd like, so preferably someone who doesn't charge an arm and a leg...unless you literally want a body part, that i could spare. ;)

Updated dread pics

I haven't posted to LJ in a while, so after browsing through all of your lovely dreadie pics I decided Ill post some new ones myself.. especially since I got yummy new dread goodies for christmas.

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I think I'm going to dye them soon. Any suggestions??
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First of all let me say I've read the memories. I've read quite a bit of conflicting info elsewhere on the inter-shizzle, so I just have to ask another stupid question before I go ahead and make my dreads. (This weekend!)

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