January 11th, 2007

I stalk you...

Yes. This is an official de-lurk. I've been wanting dreads on and off for a year, and the most recent desire has been around for two months. The only problem: My hair is short, and I don't want to get dreads until my hair grows to a length that would make the dreads at least to my chin. Here are some pictures of me now:

That's about a month ago. And this is me about a week ago. Sorry for the myspace angle:

I don't know if you can really tell how long it is because of the angles, but it's about an inch past my chin in the front, and it gets slightly shorter in the back. My question:

How long should my hair be before I dread it, if I want them to be the approximate length of my hair now?

Thank you so much guys. You're all beautiful.

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the other night i dreamt i cut off my hair, i am not sure why i decided to, but i cried after.
when i woke up, i appreciated the fact that they were still there.

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Hi :) My name is Katie and I've been watching this community for awhile...finally decided to post. Anyways, to get to the point, I want dreadlocks. I think they're cool looking, and extremely unique.. I don't  know when I'm going to get started with them, but hopefully Saturday or Sunday. I've been getting tons of information about dreadlocks, how to make them and maintain them...but still, I really don't want to start without having talked to some people who know what they're doing. Okay, so I basically understand the whole backcombing procedure (which is the method I'm choosing), but still have a question about something. And yep, I've read the memories. But since the answer to my question is kinda referring to me only, I thought I'd ask. It's about how big I should section them off, and how many I should have to get them the size I want....I've seen people say they've sectioned 1 inch by 1 inch and gotten fairly thick ones, and people who've said they did 1 by 1 too and got thinner ones. The only thing I don't really want is for them to too thick, and for them to be too thin where they'd break off. I guess a size somewhere in between a finger and a pencil is what I'm going for, sooo..I guess I'm asking for your opinions... 

So I've got pictures lol :) I'm not sure if you can even tell by looking at pictures, but I thought I'd give it a try. I've had people tell me that my hair is fairly thick, though it's not as thick as some people's I know...

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kissing hotties

almost seven months!

Sometimes I get discouraged by looking at pics of other dreads the same age as mine because they're usually a lot more formed. But I have lately fallen in love with my dreads just the way they are. I backcombed them in the very beginning, never put wax or anything in and pretty much just left them alone for almost seven months. I actually only recently started palm rolling much at all and before that would twist them absentmindedly and ripped them apart when they needed it but other than that, I let them do their own thang.

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