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I didn't read the memories, don't tell me that. :] [14 Jan 2007|09:28am]
[ mood | sore ]

I've wondered for a long time now.. about dreads. I think they are the sexiest thing ever. And I would love to have some, but I'm scared to do that because they might just look horrible on me, and I tend to change things a lot, and I've heard you have to shave them off if you don't want them anymore.

So anyways, what I was going to ask was.. I want to know the basics of dreads..

how do you put them in?

do you wash them?

do they smell bad like most people say?

and anything else weird and interesting you would like to tell me would do too. :]

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short dreads [14 Jan 2007|10:58am]
I really want to dread my hair righhhhht now,
I'm so tired of it.
But I don't want it to be too short.

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wellllllllllll [14 Jan 2007|02:18pm]

=O I did my dreads yesterday. My friend Samantha helped me....and I'm actually really happy with them =] The only thing is that they're a bit frizzy with some stray hairs and I think it's because she didn't really sesction it, just kind of clipped it up and went in rows. I also don't know if they're knotted as tight as they should be, either. I've been so neurotic about that all of yesterday night, trying to rebackcomb to get the roots more knotted and palm rolling like crazy! [which i know i shouldn't do so oops =( ] anyways, any advice as to the frizz? and oh,

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[14 Jan 2007|02:46pm]
it's been aaaages since i last posted... and i've missed a couple of dread-versaries and such..

but i went to a 1970's themed party (hence the strange attire) and someone there was equipped with a camera.

the hair's now 3 years and 2 months.

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~three months. [14 Jan 2007|06:48pm]
it's been a while, but here are some new pictures. they're almost 3 months old.

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[14 Jan 2007|08:04pm]

I made my self a new beanie. Most of my dreads are now 8 1/2 month, some in the back 1 1/2 year I think, and I made two new dreads in some of my bangs last week:)

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[14 Jan 2007|11:50pm]
4 monthsish. my friend and I did some felting needle work this past week. I've still got a bunch of loose hairs and my tips are wispy, but i like them that way. its weird thinking that I've had dreads for almost half a year already.

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