January 15th, 2007

starting my dreads :]

Tomorrow (well really later today)
I'm going to go buy some shampooooo,
and beads and things for my dreads.

Then I'm going to start them!
Im kinda nervous but REALLY excited.
Thanks for all the input on my last entry.

You'll be seeing pictures of em soon :]
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New Tam!

In celebration of it FINALLY snowing, I made another tam!

This one is maroon and grey, two of my favorite colors. It's medium-sized.
As usual, I'd be happy to make this in different colors if you'd like.

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Please visit my journal for more hats!
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(no subject)

i was just looking at archives of ugly overload and i found this picture.
i've never seen a dog that had dreads that didn't look like a mop, so i had to post it.
this isn't a specific breed, its some kinda mut, they didn't say.
but check out her taiiiil!
edit: all of the things i said above this line are about the above picture, hopefully you can see it now, and i know the below one is a puli, but i don't know the different breeds that went into the above one.

and of course, one of these dogs. cause i love em (also from ugly overload)

i don;t think either of these belong on ugly overload. and i'd snuggle with them any day!

(no subject)

It's probably a long shot, but is anyone from New Hampshire/Lakes Region who wouldn't mind doing some dread maitenance. My roots feel like a brillo pad, even though they are seperated. Thats really all I need help with, is getting them more sectioned off again. Just so it's not text only.

(no subject)

Soooo, I bought a few hair dyes today, and after some more perusing Ill probably end up buying more tomorrow since I have no idea what I want just yet. I just know Im sick to death of my calico colouration and it needs to change. So far Ive bought bleach, some sort of UV reactant pink, and natural burgendy. Who knows.

Quick question though. Ive read through the memories and found nothing to answer my question pertaining to beads and dying. Some Ill be able to pull some beads out no problem, since I took them out without thinking last time I dyed my dreadies. But some of my beads wont budge.
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Can I dye my dreads with the beads still in, or will the fuck up my beads? Or does the dye screwing up my beads depend on what theyre made of?
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More dreadz

I've read the memories very thoroughly in my time, and more than once (because who doesn't love procrastinating on LiveJournal? LJ >>>>> work). But I haven't found the answer to what I'm wondering about, maybe because it's not there, maybe because I'm blind and stooopid. But anyway.

For those of you who've had experience adding dreadlocks of foreign origin to your own hair (foreign as in, made of synthetic fiber, or wool, or human hair, just so long as it's not your own hair), how did you do it, and what worked well, if anything?

I'm tossing around the idea of adding some wool (maybe) dreads to my own, just for fun, but I have no idea how to do that successfully. I've tried attaching a double-ended dread to my own, and it turned out rather fugly. So, any tips for an un-creative loser? All I found in the memories are posts about adding extensions to, well, extend the length of your dreads, and that's not what I'm looking for.

Thank yous!

(no subject)

Hey all, I've just put in new dreads...well, in the process of....and I was wondering if you all could give some tried and true (or ones that worked for you) methods of how to make them lock better and faster...well, faster is relative.....I had them once before...but they were miserable and not locking at all after several months...so I cut them...and now with much shorter hair, am trying again!!!

I'm very excited and wish for some advice from *experienced* dreadheads...

Wax or no wax....rubberbands?? washing?? what's the information you can give me??? I read a bit in the memories section....but trying to piece together all that information gives a worse headache then backcombing five inch hair!!!! ;)

Thanks all and peace!!!