January 16th, 2007

School today was fun.

So today was my first time going to school with my new hair hahahah. I can't even BEGIN to explain how many times I got stared up and down. It was insane. People even said things similar to, "Ewwwww oh my gawd, that girl has DREADLOCKS!!" when I had my headphones on and they thought I couldn't hear them. Usually, stuff like that would bother me. But it didn't. So I feel very powerful =O Also, went to the health store and baught Dr. Bronners. I read the whole bottle. And let me tell you, I was quite aggravated to find out that most everything written on there has to do with god. what the hell. >:-O hahha. also...

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I live in the number one snowiest city in the continental US. Its about time we got some freaking snow. Im dying to go snowboarding. My heart is a little bit broken.

My dog and I went out and played in the snow. Youll have to forgive my complusive overuse of my digital camera. Its onset from my darkroom withdrawl.

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Hi all.
Have any of you longer-term dreadheads noticed this trend in the comments you get from folks?

Lately, mine have been going like this:

Person On Street: Hey, how long have you been growing those dreads?
Me: About 14 years.
POS: Wow. *shaking head* I tried growing them, but I didn't think it'd work, so I cut it all off.
Me: *vague grin, wondering what I'm supposed to say to this* I see. Well, have a good day.

Now, don't get me wrong--I'm fine with comments on my hair, and I'm used to it--but I'm never really sure what to say after they give me their particular personal stories about their hair. I usually just try to be polite and friendly... and get away from them if possible.
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For some reason (that clearly has nothing to do with the copious amounts of it I've been eating...) my dreads smell like toast today.

Lately I've been annoyed at them because my hair is smooth and silky and straight and soft and was refusing to dread itself at the bottom. Last week I re-backcombed it into new baby dreads... that had fallen out by this week. So I twisted them up, flipped them through the roots twice (once north/south, once east/west), split them in half and pulled apart to tighten the knot I'd just made, then backcombed and felted them up and down, including rounding off the tips and felting lots so they can't unravel. I wouldn't recommend doing this on any dreads where the root is visible, or if it's as anything other than a last resort, but I was getting seriously bummed out becuase they just looked so crap.

I also rounded off all my tips on the left side of my head because my dreads have a habit of unravelling and getting long straggly undreaded ends going halfway up the dread.

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Dr Bronners, Availible in Canada?

Hey, everyone.
Just a quick question.
I'm from Canada. (obv.)
I was just wondering if anyone in Ontario knows anywhere where I can get Dr. Bronners shampoo (i.e. shop names & locations) without ordering online?
If not, it's ok. I can order online, but I'd prefer not to pay shipping + duties from the US.

Thanks a bunch, all.

hair cannibalism

it's been a while since i've written about my hair.

looking at baf_f's dreads, they're long.. as long as my hair was before it started eating itself.. and i found myself having dread envy.. wishing mine were that good looking and thinking i can't wait until mine are that long.... which could be another year or two at least. i don't know if i'll still have them then, and it won't really matter either way. if i don't have dreads to my butt, that's fine. it was a transient thought.

once they sucked themselves up it was kind of novel to have "short" hair again... though i really missed the animal my hair was when it was in the in between stages. it was a creature, and it made me wild, perfect for the summer.. half here, half there, shaved on the side, kind of bangs in the front, whatever it wanted. whatever i wanted.

now i find it's just a waiting game. and on occasion i find myself missing my brushable hair that would surround my neck and keep me warm. don't get me wrong, they still keep me warm.. but chunks of matted hair are not quite so versatile as single strands can be. sometimes i miss the soft texture of it.

my dreads are still forming, i suppose. thursday a guy that sits behind me in my photo class asked me if i was growing dreads. i didn't know what to say to that.. yes, i suppose. but they're already there. they don't look like "nice" dreads. and they are hard to distinguish because of the color.. if they were bleached you could see each and every one and all the secrets i keep. both are beautiful things, i just didn't know what to say. yes..

i suppose.

there are dreads growing out of my head, if that's what you mean.

the process of hair cannibalism is quite fascinating to witness and host. in the summer, washing the hair and letting it go free, especially with the windows down in the car was enough to get it going and accelerate the tightening... but once summer slipped away, and even though we haven't had a proper winter, it just wasn't the same. i was at a loss for what to do. i liked the pace we were going at here.. and the change of season was just a detriment... but i quickly learned i could help things along by washing my hair two or three times in the shower with the shampoo... and the earliest lesson i learned was to quit conditioner altogether... though sometimes they do get rough... i remember reading something about shea butter or whathaveyou, but certainly conditioner doesn't soften them the way i would like. that's okay.

so from the end of summer until india.. all semester, whether due to the dreads or not, i don't know... i was taking showers just about every day and it was starting to get ugly. i was desiccating in all ways. and it was no good. the semester as a whole was pretty awful, and i am finally seeing a ray of light. i am surrounded by the conversations i lacked so so terribly much. hallelujah.

anyway. thank god for the trip to india. i was restored to a new balance... and have found a good pace in life since i hit the ground running. things are coming together a little every day.. and that is the point. taking it day by day.

i no longer am attached to the notion of having long hair like i used to be. i wanted hair to the small of my back so bad. and it just wouldn't grow there. so i thought.. i'll get dreads.. and that way my hair will stop falling out and can grow longer. what a superficial reason, and thankfully not the true reason.. really.. the reasons came after the fact.

why did i stop brushing my hair in april? because i was inspired. i saw theblanketthing who'd stopped brushing her hair and thought.. i can do it this way. taking the time to section and backcomb, and make dreads "proper" was too much. too much work, too much commitment, too much of a big step. it meant too much. but to let it happen naturally.. well, anything could happen. i could naturally shave my head too.. or just as soon cut them off one by one.

it's become a matter of flow. they change a little every day. they change a little more every time i wash them.. they have been my lesson in impermanence and appreciating the uniqueness of "the moment" and "the process" and the culmination of each together... even though the "culmination" is different each moment. i have grown as they have shrunk, tightened, looped, eaten, sucked, twisted, and generally made love on my head. i have ripped some apart, occasionally i regret it. once i latch hooked in extensions, i learned very fast that wasn't for me.

the oldest ones are hard, some have eaten beads and rings entirely, one has a hidden peyote bead, there are wooden beads, a metal ring from Kumbh Mela, a bead from my best friend of three years who i had a falling out with... each one has it's story, memory, essence. i look forward to the day my head is shorn, i can't wait to release all this pent up energy.. and push on to a new day, a new dawn in my life. it will be glorious. it is glorious.

obviously this isn't just about hair.