January 18th, 2007

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It is my dreads' first birthday on the 14th of February, and I'll be posting an enormously long and detailed entry then, but I just wanted to post a few little pics I took of them recently since the last time I posted was around Hallowe'en.

So I recently decided I wanted to go a dark/ash blonde colour~

Before the colour removing

After the colour removing

After the blonding

I really don't know if I like this colour. I've always had dark hair and think I suit it a lot better, and they just seem to be too red and the ash blonde dye turned parts of them a slight greenish tinge. I'll probably just get a dark blonde/light brown toner or semi-permanent dye to put over them, because I still want them to be light in colour but not quite so... BRIGHT yellow/orange/green.

I'm very happy with how knotty they have become, and the bleaching process seemed to make the loopy ones get shorter and the loops bunch up if you know what I mean..

A month... and a bit

Well, my dreads are almost 5 weeks now, and they're doing relatively well.  My scalp has been dry dry dry(calgary in the winter = DEATH, plus I like to scratch) but otherwise I really have no complaints.  I went on vacation for a few weeks, and seeing as though I was on a boat, a lot of loose hairs resulted.  I know sewing "new" dreads is bad, but at which point is it okay to start sewing them?

They've gotten to a stage where they like to do some crazy things, mostly they just try to attach to each other.  I *think* I tried to attach two together, and now I forget if I did, and whether or not it worked.  There's also quite a few dreads that are basically just hair(they're starting to get stringy)... but I've resolved to pretty much leave them alone.  I would gauge that about 2/3 of them have good, knotted roots.

I'm also thinking I want to put some beads or wraps in on some of the more mature ones.  Most likely beads, since they're probably safer.  It could be a while, though... because I have no money.  At all. EDIT - Oh yeah, and no pictures this time. I feel wayyy too groggy.
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=O salt water and headbands

Kay, sorry if I'm a nuisance but I have 2 questions...
Ummm..I've heard a lot about saltwater and that spraying it on your dreads will help them tighten...And I was wondering if putting them on young (less than a week old) dreads would do any harm or anything? Also, I find it very helpful to wear headbands when I go to school because it's kind've hard to do work and things when they're falling in my face....should I not do this? =\ The headbands are kind've tight..
Anyways, thanks. =]
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what happens if i dread big fat dreads in short hair?
i did this..
will the dreads keep?

i cant realy get all the dread wax throughout the dread.
i shoulda got someone else to do them for me and not myself...is it still possable to rip the dread appart and make two little tiny ones, even after i waxed?
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