January 21st, 2007

blonde and bitchin'

I feel more like myself now....

a bit of a hangover.... not enough sleep.... it was worth it to go out last night and get my groove on... shake out my dirty nasties to some dubbie glitchie breakbeats.... FUCK yah. Blondes have more fun. Shit, I couldn't believe the neck-snappin' double takes people were doing when I went by.... complements, too... somebody said they like how clean-cut my dreads are..... I think the hugs I was getting were nicer than usual, too.... hah!

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face of the me
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I dyed my hair a little darker (turned out a little darker than I wanted, but meh), and this is what we look like just out of bed in the morning, no prettiness or make-up of any kind.

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dandelion close


couldn't find anything in the memories so here's my story

i'm lookin to start a dreadhawk.

my hawk's length is a tad better than 3.0 inches at the middle of my head.

my questions:

how long should my hair be for a dreadhawk? longer or shorter than full head dreads?

if i dreaded it now, would "buckwheat dreads" look more ridiculous with a hawk?

is the process different?

what about washing/care?

any help is appreciated. i can't find anything on dreadhawks. thanks.
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