January 23rd, 2007

self portrait

I did it!!


Oh my goodness, there are too many to name and I split my caterpillar in half so, yeah, WEEEEE, i love them so far.
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over a year!

so I've kind of...dissapeared.

I live in England now!

my dreads are a year and 23 days old!

I'll have a timeline once the internet in my house is not out anymore, but for now I couple pictures of how they're doing now!

Anyone else in or around brighton?

in the last five minutes before I left my love's apartment for over six months...I was trying REALLY hard not to cry, so silly pictures ensued. Then I bawled my eyes out.
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aaaand more behind the cut, with a slight hint of boobage (you know you want them!)

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I hope everyone is doing well out there in internetsland! I'm off to my deep, dark cave of no internet for the night!

my little rant and my admiration

First off I’d like to say hi!  I’ve been a member of this community over a year admiring all of you beautiful, beautiful, people and dreadlocks.  I have wanted dreadlocks since I was 16 or so (I’m 20 now). While traveling in Europe in 2004, my hair started to dread and gave up my comb. When I returned home to America, I brushed them out.  I never really had a whole set of dreads but I did have a few strong ones before I brushed and conditioned them out.
I told myself after that if I were to ever dread my hair again that I should do it when my hair was down to my ass. My reason being is that dreads are about patience, so is growing your hair out. I figure if I don't have the patience to grow my hair down to my ass then I won't have the patience to ever dreadlock my hair.  My hair is more than half way there (pictures below) and of course, I am still looking forward to the day where I give up my comb, once again.  It really frustrates me when I spend the ten minutes to shampoo and condition my hair and then have my hair super knotty afterwards. My hair WANTS to dread BADLY. But I’m like, no, not yet!
A worry of mine is that my hair will interfere with my school/career of a nurse. I eventually want to become a midwife but for now I’m in this tight nursing program and I’m sure I’d be looked down on if I were to have dreadlocks as a nursing student, in and out of the hospital.
That said, (I could go on but I’m going to stop myself) you are all very beautiful people.  I love the pictures and dreadlock timelines. You guys are awesome!~

Now! To make this not a text-only post....

My frustration:

The length of my hair as of TODAY:

ANDDDDDDDDDD... a picture of my beautiful knotty boyfriend:

keep on growing that hair!!!
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seattle get-together

gorthok & i were thinking of having a seattle gudu party. perhaps at our place in queen anne, perhaps at gasworks; whatever makes sense with the number of people who are interested in attending.

so if you're local & intrigued, drop a comment with your email address & i'll probably mail you details when we sort them out. (i say 'probably' because, as most of you well know, i am a cunt & any event i orchestrate is invite-only.) kisses!

ps new lish hair pics are forthcoming.

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this was my first experience with foam rods and overall i'm...underwhelmed. but it was fun. in the past i've used short plastic perm rods. i opted for these longer foam rods because i wanted long loose curls instead of short tight curls.
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hey dudes

i've been a lo(ooooooooooooooooooo)ng time lurker and this'll be pretty be my first post with pictures.

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ps: these are kind of bad pictures because it's a camera phone, but whatever.

so what's up?

ONE1!1 Fucking year :D and still in LOVE

Well it has been a year since I created my dreads! I love the fact that I have made it this long. My locks and me have been through a lot this year and I will gladly continue to wear my dreads proudly for many many more years !!
Here is my time line... I have a lot of pix pretty much one from each month. Sorry if too long but i am excited :p
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Maintaining dreads= 24 hr headaches?

So I've done my research and checked the memories, but only found one post in there relating to headaches. (http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/2618064.html) I can't seem to figure out if I already posted here about my headaches, and all the lj searches aren't helping... (so here goes)

My dreads are nearly 2.5 years old, and started from very, very, VERY long hair. Mine were started by backcombing, so I knew there would be some initial pain. I occasionally rub my roots to lock-up the new growth (it won't lock-up otherwise) and expected some pain from that for the first few months as well. The problem is my headaches never went away. Every single time I work on my dreads (2 weeks to 3 months) I get a miserable headache that lasts 6 to 24 hours. Does anyone else have this problem, or better yet.. have you found a way to avoid it?

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OK! Hi, this is my first post and I'm a total n00b so I'm sorry if I mess up the cut or anything like that. I made sure to resize all the pictures but there's like a million of them so that won't be helpful. If it messes up I will delete it asap. (I also tested it in my journal first).

My name is Sam and my dreads are about a year and a half old. I'm going to tell my long boring story under the cut but I had a few things I wanted to ask.

First, I've been lurking around this journal and learning all I can for a very long time. I live in Maine and I know there's a lot of New Englander's here. I am itching for some dread maintenance. I know

lishd will travel places and do maintenance for a group of people if we all pay for the ticket. I am TOTALLY willing to put in like $100-$150 to make this happen. I know people don't have a lot of money and I'm willing to pay more than my share to make it happen. The way I see it the last time I paid for mainenance I was a dumbass and paid some chick 80$ an hour for 3 hours to tie strings around my roots. (That was before I found this community, I've learned LOADS since then) So if you're from New England and are interested let me know! I would love to get something together. I can bring people from Maine to Boston or wherever is most central if they don't have transport.

Umm, ok I guess that was all I had to ask. So I'll tell my dread story! (And here is proof that you can do pretty much everything wrong and still have your dreads turn out ok)

My hair in the beginning (it looks very sad):

And my hair as of Saturday (not the world's best, but I love them):

And my story (long, and probably boring, but I love reading other people's hair history and with visuals!):

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PHEW! Ok, that was a lot. But I love this community and just thought I would contribute since you've all been SUPER helpful to me. If you read that whole thing, AWESOME! If not that's ok. I just wanted to say thanks.



5 Months!

My babies are five months old today!

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A few more from today and a couple from when I first got them and some fun ones from Halloween. Some of them are kind of big.
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does any of you awesome people know of someplace/someone that could do a dread perm in florida? particularly close to tampa.

and, this is a dumb question i know, but theres no way to do a succesful dread perm (without hair falling out of my head) without professional help, right?