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rats nest - they are a mess!!! [24 Jan 2007|09:17am]
what do you do when all your dreads look like a rats nest with thin scraggly dreads and loose hair everywhere!!!! Arrrrrr!!! I wanted to shave my head this morning. I need maintainance. The fliping through roots thing is not working and they are loose and loose hair is slipping out of dreads all the time.

Im even considering trying wax to see if that will help neaten them up and keep in the loose hairs after i use a crochert hook or felting needle.

What should I do?
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[24 Jan 2007|01:53pm]
Some advice for people starting dreads soon:
Lots of people will tell you that wax is bad or unecessary. Well, I started my second set of dreads just a few weeks ago. With my first set, I used wax from the start and applied it maybe a couple of times a week. Looking back at pics, I can see that my dreads were really scary neat and too-waxed.
When I started this set, I used a bit of wax about the size of a peppercorn on each one, and I haven't used any since. And already I can tel that this set is doing so much better. I've got knots going on now that are equivalent to what I had about three months into my last set.
Look at it logically: The idea of dreads is so get your hair to mat together. How is it supposed to do that when all the strands are coated in a water-resistant waxy barrier?

Wax really isn't great for dreads. :]
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[24 Jan 2007|02:52pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey all, theres been some progress since last time, so I decided a new post was in order. 

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Oi! [24 Jan 2007|04:12pm]
Someone sent me a message on AIM last night saying they found me on here. I was asleep. Feel free to drop a comment on my journal because I'm pretty busy with university, work and sleeping. Aight.

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[24 Jan 2007|10:41pm]
My name is Katie and I post far too much.
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