January 25th, 2007

fuck yeah!
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Dreads, Rings and Pools

First of all, I'm engaged! I am due to be married next year in the summer to a wonderful man called Mikey. Soon I will start the research for wedding dreads so be warned! You will be pestered for ideas!

Second of all, here are some pictures of my funny face and my one and a half year old dreadlocks:

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And thirdly, a question. I have recently started swimming (I fear being a plump bride!) and am worried about what chlorine is going to do to my dreads. Plus, as I swim at night I am going to bed with damp hair which certainly can't be good. Are you any of you swimmers? What do you do? Do you have any tips for me?
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23 days

my hair was layered before i decided to dread it, and because of that my ends are wispy and thin, which i like
the only problem is that i can't get the bottom hair of my hair to backcomb because of it (the layers)

the top halves of my hair are already slowly locking up, but what'll happen to the bottoms? 
i don't really mind if it dreads or not, i'm just nervous that the entire thing will unravel    D:

also, what happens if some skinnier backcombed sections are untangling themselves?
it's almost been a full month since i started..
should i re-backcomb?  i'm guessing that re-backcombing would untangle what's left and break off existing hairs?
      if i let it do what it wants but give it salt sprays and palmrolls, will it stay together?

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girls dont poop

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i'm sick and at my dads, forgot my knotty boy dread soap at home,
so i just rinsed my dreads cause my scalp damn itchy. and i just put tea tree oil on my scalp.
its better, but not perfect...

Do i air dry?
Blow dry?
does it matter?
cause i'm sick, and lazy.
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(no subject)

Well, I finally finished them! Backcombed, mostly by myself, with sectioning help by my mom and my boyfriend. I'm sure they could have been started much better, but I love them anyways. :)

This is my second set.. The first ones were done in a salon - they put perm solution on my hair first to fry it, then backcombed and waxed, and while I think I liked them for a little while, I eventually got frustrated and combed them all out at 4 months. They actually looked a lot like sneazle  's dreads did in the beginning. Her post kinda made me regret getting rid of them... part of the reason I got so frustrated with them was because there was over 100, and they were so small they had hardly locked up at all by 4 months... I didn't know anything about combining. (I meant to comment on the post, but I got distracted, so I hope she reads this... you are beautiful hun!)

Anyways, after combing them out I ended up cutting most of my hair off anyways, because my hair was so damaged, and I've been growing it out ever since in order to get them back. So here is the finished result!
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You guys rock :)
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new dreads

Well, here they are.. all new (a week old today) and unwashed as of yet:

I backcombed them as tightly as I could.  Hopefully they'll stand up to washing this weekend.
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Ive come to find that tying my dreads into two "pigtail" style knots, is my new favorit way to wear my dreads. I dont so much like puttng them into a ponytail because they arent long enough to tye up using a dread and I dont really like having a hair tye around them. So Ive resorted to tying them into two knots. Theyre too shortr for just one big knot, haha.

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(no subject)

Ok this is a rather small picture but I've not got it any bigger... and I've not posted in ages so this will do for now ;-)

Coming up to four years this summer.
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john butler

(no subject)

So after reading schtuffs on here very carefully, and a very helpful youtube video (probably made by someone on here, I do not know), I have finally figured out how to crochet my dreads properly. And it's my new favorite thing in the world. Hooray! Thanks much. Collapse )
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(no subject)

Hi. I need everyones opinions about something. I'm seriously thinking of combing out my dreads and redoing them. Right now they're very thin, ( I have about 70) and I don't think they're as tight as they should be at first either. Compared to other peoples' 1 or 2 week old dreads, mine are very scraggly, and don't really stand out too well. I would try combining them all or something, but I'm thinking that maybe my best bet would to be to comb them out while they're young and start over. After all, they're only about 2 weeks old. Earlier I combed out two of the front ones and made them one, and I think that I like this size much better. It also stuck out a little bit which they didn't do last time, so I know it combed it even tighter. Last time I had my friend help me with them and we didn't section or anything, which I think is initally the reason for the excessive amount of loose hairs. I've actually had people say things to me like, "Oh...you combed out your dreads?" and "Those don't look like dreads." Not that their opinions really matter or anything, but I figure that if I'm in this for the long run, it just might be best to start over to get them the way I want them.

Opinions would be appreciated SO much. =]
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Greater Boston dreadlock-starters?

Hi all!

After lurking here for several months and checking out all of your lovely locks, I've finally decided that I'm ready to start my second set. My first set of locks didn't work out so well, so I'm really hoping it'll be different this time.

I was wondering if there was anyone in the Greater Boston area (accessible by MBTA, preferably!) who'd be willing to help me start my dreadies. Any takers? I'd certainly be willing to pay as long as the fee is reasonable, and I'd prefer to be worked on by someone who has done it before, and has a least a few pictures of their work.

Sadly I don't have any good pictures of the current state of my hair, but a basic rundown would be this: it's several inches longer than shoulder-length, never dyed/bleached and in fairly good condition, though it tangles easily because it's curly. Frankly I decided that the solution to always having to brush out annoying tangles would be to tangle it on purpose. =0)

Thanks in advance!
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2nd time newbie to dreads

Hey Guys
Thought I would share my second day of having dreads.
Yes they“re a lil loose but my trusty comb and I have been traveling to work and back, singing a backcomb tune.
This is my second time around doing these babies. and my only complaint.....I wish my hair was as long as it was before and not cut uneven *nod*

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