January 26th, 2007

Diaz clrsk

Ruined Dread-mass? Is it too late to keep trying?

First, I wish I had found this community.. months ago. I really do. I just spend about two hours combing through (hah!) the memories looking for advice, information, and anything helpful. And I'm bad with short, concise entries, but I'll try!
Second, I fully expect negative feedback for this, and I'm aware that I did not go about this process with enough thought, seriousness, or experience. In fact, the more I read, the more I think I just did it all wrong. But please, don't just call me dumb and naive - point out my mistakes! Please tell me where/if I went wrong, and if there is a way to fix it from here, let me know. I'm not going to give up just because this time I didn't get what I expected.

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So here's my question for you guys.
From what I've described, do you believe that my hair can be salvaged and I can still turn it into dreadlocks, or should I cut it off and wait until I can have it done properly? Again, if you really need photos I'll take some tomorrow, but I'm very hesitant to post any right now because my head is just a disaster that I'm not too proud of. I want to fix this mess, and hopefully come out with dreadlocks no matter what. Is it at all worth trying to cut dreads out of the mass with scissors or a razor? Even if it means losing multiple inches, so long as I can use this method to help tear new dreads from the solid mat.

Thanks in advance, sorry if I missed something in the memories. I'm moving in a month and looking for a job after that, and I'd like to at least know my options before filling out applications and worrying if they're going to reject me for my hair.
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Thank YOU!!!

I wanted to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you that have sent postcards and even little gifty items to my little guy! He has had SO much fun getting these postcards every day! It’s been almost 2 months since we started this project and he’s STILL getting them in the mail! This was what I hoped for….and so much more! And on going project that would keep him interested and help him to learn about all the fascinating places we’ve yet to see!

All of you “snake haired people” (which is what Zach calls dreads), I can’t begin to thank you enough for the kindness and creativity you’ve shown us! Caroline……what an amazing package!!! Thank you SO much! And Natalie…..I LOVE the picture you drew on your postcard!

Thank you to all the lovely dreaded friends out there, and the undreaded friends from this community, that have helped to spread the love. You are all beautiful people and this project has shown me again and again what a fantastic amount of good and caring people there are in this world…..and we SO often need that reminder!

Here’s the original post:

You all ROCK!

old, but a fave of mine...

I'm not the biggest fan of fotos of myself, and rarely take them. Here are my dreads a few months ago, imagine blue synth instead of red for accent. Also, I wear extensions for length:

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When I started them a year ago, here is what they looked like:

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My dreadz have fattened up a lot since then. Expect skinny dreadies at first, but they don't stay that way! Remember all that hair that used to fall from your head when you brushed? Not anymore! All that excess makes you have fatty dreadies!!!
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blow drying vs. bonnet style dryers

I was wondering which people tend to prefer for drying dreads.  I guess I should wait a while before I wash my new dreads but I want them dry, dry, dry when I do.  Which method of drying (air drying, blow drying, bonnet dryer) have you found to be best for new dreads to keep the fuzzies down?  I saw in the memories that lishd uses a bonnet dryer but I've seen blow drying referenced in a few recent comments... 

Yeah, I'm a bottomless pit of questions.  I can't help it!


so what is the best/worst comment you have recieved from a kid about your hair?

today, some little girl felt fit to let me know that she did not like my hair at all and that it looked crumbly.
then she told me she hated my shirt cause it looked old.
gotta love them for their honesty, though.
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Quick question.

I live in the UK and originally was using the no 'poo method but I think I'd rather start using soap. People keep mentioning Dr Bronners but living in the UK makes it expensive and hard to find so has anyone in the UK found an alternative that gets rid of dandruff. Would Dove work and is it animal friendly?

Thanks in advance.

Getting help started?

I've got the time to do dreads and to let them shape up a little so they can be looking all nice like but I have no one to help :( I've had to temp move across the state for medical reasons and at that leaves me knowing no one within 400 miles. Much less someone I can con into helping me start my dreads.
I really don't want to go the salon route... any ideas on how to find someone to con into helping me start my dreads?