January 29th, 2007

San Diego.

Do any of you know of anywhere I can get my dreads finished in San Diego, I'm getting antsy about finishing them.

Not Electric Chair in O.B... They are too expensive.
Plus how much it may cost.

finally, i'm postin' a picture. whooo!

the only picture of my dreads that i really have, taken after the anti-war protest in DC this saturday (after me and about 200 other punks/anarchists broke off from the main group and marched through the streets to the Armed Forces Recruiting Center, had a standoff with the 20-25 police that ended up following us all the way there, broke a window, and eventually dispersed so as to avoid bein' arrested... a job well done, i'd say :)


they've been through livin' in the ghetto, through trips to philly, DC, michigan, ohio. they've seen sunsets and sunrises, manic days and suicidal nights. they've seen complete exhaltation with life, and complete despair when i was homeless for a while. they graduated from the academic institutions into the true school of Life along with me. they've been through countless jobs, countless conversations, countless meditation sessions on the shores of Lake Michigan. they've endured negative, snide remarks from young and old, as well as the occassional true soul who tells me that they are beautiful. they've hung out with trainhoppers and bums, intellectuals and squirrels. they existed in the woods during mushroom trips, on the beaches during spiritual fasts. they've been with me during dumpster diving for sorority-girl discarded items of worth, during gas-station window smashing cigarette stealing raids. they've been with me while concocting dreams for the rest of my life: what i want, who i want, what i wish to be. my dreads, nature calls, i must take care of my hair: my locks, a commitment to the healthiest thoughts...
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