January 30th, 2007

well hello at last!

Having been an admirer of dreadlocks for a long time, i desparate to get started. Ive been reading the memories (wow what an awesome library) and lurking for about a year now, so thought id raise my head! I suppose what im asking advice upon is a myriad on beginners worries, regarding starting methods and the ensuring few months...

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So after much thinking aloud? For fattish dreads in my kinda hair, Will rip and twist work better than backcombing in avoiding shrinkage? And if I do decide on rip and twist, will i be able to do it alone? I dont know anyone who knows anything about dreading so this is gonna be a one gal journey!
minnie noo

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so i am back..the little girl who has tried two times and then taken them out. Alot has happen and as i write this on a computer at the college (that i am not attending) I just want to tell everyone that i am doing dreads again tonight.

i left my husband. For one he was very controlling and emotionally abusive. Also I finally decided to stop hiding the fact that i like women. SO yeah....I now live in a hotel, I am poor, struggling and at times miserable but I am HAPPY.

I left him on the 20th but tonight we are celebrating with the birth of something that he never allowed me to have. each time he made me take them out and each time i was dumb and did what he said. I just wanted to tell everyone hi and just add a little of my life into all of yours. sorry if any of this is spelled wrong..i dont have much time until my girl gets out of her class. I will post pictures as sooon as i can and thank you all for everything in the past.