February 1st, 2007

la laaa la

all hail felting needle (or crochet hooks whatever) !!!!!!!!! 

my loopymonster dreads have become real straight dreads after an intensive surgery session with the needle 

photos tomorrow =) 

yay !!


face of the me
  • miriena


Life has been going by in a weird fashion lately. It seems like I've been trying to part with old issues to not have them plague me as I've committed to sharing the days that are to come with the guy I love. And yesterday was just terrible, I came across some stuff on the Internet that had to do with the opinions of my guy's ex about us being together and getting engaged and how it could have been her in my shoes had she not broken up with him, and of course, as it did come from a girl, my looks got dissed because apparently I'm just a carbon copy of her, but not as good looking (something I'm still bitter about, although this is the ultimate female low punch, so I feel bad about feeling bitter, she got the better of me this time), etc. etc. And I was yelling and screaming in full voice and crying, "prove to me I'm not a second-choice partner, used only because you were recently single!" And in the end he was crying and feeling so hurt by my selfish words, that I didn't believe what he has said before, that I didn't believe that we were together because we're made for each other, that he was with me because of me. And... I realized with a shock that I've done something that I wouldn't let anyone else do--hurt my love, make him cry, make him feel horrible and helpless. And I realized it is me who is to blame here. I really didn't believe him just like I don't believe anyone, I've never trusted anyone and always had doubts about people's intentions. Not being with someone out of desperation is not something you can prove easily, not any more than I can prove my feelings for him, my real feelings, there's nothing I can buy or do that would express these things. But I did do one thing..

..I cut off my favorite dread and gave it to my love. This really was my favorite dread by far, I liked playing with it, and looking at it, and watching it get knottier and knottier. It was the most mature dread of all that I have and I was very proud of it. I sorely miss it now, but... Giving it up I felt like I was finally able to say "I believe you, and I trust you." Because I would never part with my baby for anyone to whom that would not apply.

Hair is just hair, but somehow dreads are more special, or it seems like that to me.
  • lishd

palm desert, CA

hi. i will be in palm desert, CA for a few days next week, likely wednesday through friday, feb 7-9. i am available for dread maintenance/beginnings on at least those evenings. if anyone's in the area & has been wanting my work, this could be your opportunity.

comment here or email (addy in my profile) with questions or to set up an appointment.

millions of examples of my work: http://compunction.org/hair/
  • alarid

dreading in PG

hey, i was directed here by someone in Nex's dreadland.
I was wondering if anyone knew a place in Prince George BC to get dreads, or if there was someone around there willing to dread a strange person's hair?