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[03 Feb 2007|08:54am]
I combed out my dreads. Actually they kind of fell out. I loved them but my hair refused to knot up so after two months of clock-wise rubbing, salt sprays, rubber-banding the tips, and hoping for the best, I had to accept that they were not working and let them go. I miss them.

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3 month update + ranting (forewarned is forearmed) [03 Feb 2007|12:31pm]
So I've been annoyingly sober for 5 days now. Damned pisser too, for as my liver detoxes it's releasing crap into my mouth (normal for any detox process, I learned this when I was fasting), that makes it taste like icy-cold Gin.

This of course makes me pissy as all hell as I want a drink, but I'm almost (ALMOST) finished with most of the shakes.

This also brings me to my dreads which right now are a tangled mass of loose hair with a few outstanding dreads. As I opted for thinner dreads, went in well knowing there would be more loose hair. What no one knew was how much...

Later, kiddies.

The big o' growly tiggie.
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[03 Feb 2007|07:46pm]
I have a friend who has started her own business making homemade soaps and bath products.

She's branching out a bit and starting to create some solid shampoo bars, and she's making one with a bit o' sea salt in it....and I get to test it! As far as the other ingrediants, she's taken some of the stuff I've learned from this community and is doing a bit of research on her own (which she'll share with me before making the bar).

I'll let you guys know how it turns out....
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