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nature [06 Feb 2007|02:02pm]

hi guys,
last weekend, the sun was shining bright in hilversum ( my little hometown )
so i made some pictures of the nature and the sun, my dog and the dogs & horses of


and some dreadie pics;



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it makes me sad [06 Feb 2007|03:58pm]
That the girl from xkingdomx cut her dreads off =[
She was SO cute with them.

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22 months [06 Feb 2007|04:00pm]
For the first year or so that I had dreads, I used to take photos all the time, but I guess the novelty wore off after a while and I stopped remembering to. Sitting here this afternoon in the debris that is my half put together studio, I looked out the window at the pretty late afternoon sun and had an urge to photograph them and post.

On uploading them to photobucket, I realised how much they've grown in the last six-ten months, so I've done a little (actually HUGE - dialup beware) timeline, to show the progress from this...

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(first day - note to self: backcomb more next time)

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...to this

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[06 Feb 2007|05:44pm]
So I was walking out of school when a group of kids were insulting me i guess, but the only one i could hear was "With your fake-ass dreads!" which made me giggle because i think it's cute when people end words with ass like it's an exclaimation mark.
So you're not bored, i will post some photos.
When my dreads were but a dream and I was but a lurker...
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2 months, squeaky clean but stringy.
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4 months, in need of a wash but pretty well locked.
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