February 7th, 2007

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So how long are your dreads?

on another note, my dreads smell like damp hair. ive been going to the beach alot in the past two months as well as the local pools (chlorine). i washed my hair yesterday with nutrogena shampoo and dried it like i always do. Maybe its because i hadnt washed my hair in 6 weeks? or something. or maybe its just because i didnt dry it properly. which is odd and leaves me questioning and wondering what i can do. what do you do?
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2 months of dreads...

Sooo, I've been letting em go, with some separating and twisting. I wash with bar soap and I have some DreadheadHQ shamppoo over half a bottle left. So I havent used a whole lot. Mostly I use bar soaps from prairielandherbs and my own homemade vinegar rinses and soaps. I was thinking about tieing
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Hey guys...

So I thought I'd round the tips of my dreads.

I regret it :(

I had natural ends before, and just left them, but got a bit bored, and decided to round them last night. Cause the ends were straggly and kept getting dipped in food and shizzle. But now they look too neat!! I like the messy look! It means I lost like, and inch or two of my hair too. Well, feels that way! =[
Sad I am.

But heres the pix anyways.... and aa few randoms of my hat and cyberfalls :)

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And YAY, whilst im here...my new LED Sock Poi arrived yesterday and I think I'm obsessed. They're BLUE! xD

stubborn dreads...

Heeyyyyy everyone. My dreads are a little over 3 weeks old now, they'll be one month on the 13th. Anyway, they're really VERY scraggly, but I guess it's all going good, except for an issue I have with two VERY stubborn dreads. The ones right in front on either side of my face..keep falling out. It seems like I'm constantly re-backcombing and rip and twisting these and no matter what I do they always come undone. So basically as of now, they're only staying together it seems by knots at the roots...anybody else have this problem? And what should I do about it...orr...should I just let them do their own thing? =\

So this isn't text only, here's some pics...which were actually taken for an American History project for school. We had to do a photo essay of the great depression, So I thought I'd use these. They're actually quite interesting.

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I was thinking of perhaps dying my dreads. I've wanted to go white/blonde for so long, maybe as a summer thing, but I don't know if it would make me appear very washed out considering I am no where near tan. Then I was thinking of a darker brown/auburn. Any opinions on what colors would look good on me? Pictures behind the cut :]
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Dread Kits?

So, as I'm still wanting dreads but my hair is still short, I have been thinking up questions. I checked the memories, and hopefully I didn't miss it, but how do you guys feel about dread kits?

I've seen a few online, and the one on dreadheadhq.com looked really good. It came with things like shampoo, rubberbands, things I know I'll need. The site also sells "dread accellerator" and "lock peppa". I read in the memories that the accelerator is basically salt water, which I can obviously make myself... but... basically do you think it would be more bang for my buck if I just buy the whole kit?

And, for fun, me:


hammy time.

ancient(3 months ago)

first day

2 months 2 weeks.

how i usually wear it(pigtails and half ponys too,no pics unfortunetly)

2-3 yrs ago? haha

Sorry for the awful quality. Im hungry/bored.so bored.What are you guys doing?
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