February 8th, 2007

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heyhey evrrryyone =) 

just a quick question .... my dreadies are about .... 5-6 months now (maybe more ?). ive had cotton yarn stuff winded around the tips for fun for 3 months. could that affect tightening of dreadies ? i noticed massive loops forcing their way out of the yarn .... kinda like a flower thru cracks in cement. ive taken the rest out and left one in .... should i get rid of the last yarn thing ? 

aaaaand my new friend felting needle has been my best buddy, fixed up ALOT of monster loOps (like i mentioned in my last post) and still yet to take sum fotos to show progggresssss !!!! im happppy with them now !!!! yay for solid and kinda ... weirdly ... wacky .... semi-straight, semi-abstract ? dreadies =) 

ive noticed ....... everyone here has incredibly amazing lox ... but what makes them so special is the fact that none is perfect, but then again perfect in their own way because it reflects the owner's personality and energy. my dreadies look alot like my artworks and my general style, ppl have told me. i guess its given me more a sense of my real spiritual identity. 

anyway blah blah .... =) peace out and looove to you aalll 

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Would any of these ingredients be detrimental to the dreading process? (with the exception of the salts, of course):

Coconut oil, Sea Salt, Table Salts, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Lye, Rice Bran Oil, Safflower Oil

EDIT: These are the ingredients to a bar soap I have.
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I posted a while ago...
about my rather young dreads, i think they're a but under a month old now..
I overdosed on wax, because i followed knotty boy's instructions on making dreads. and they suck. and i'm stupid, but whatever.
I washed my dreads, and i towel dryed, and rung them out, and i couldnt get some of them compleatly dry.
so, some of them. DIDNT dry, because the wax locked the water in.
and now they're moist.and smell realy rank, and my scalp around those dreads is realy itchy, and like..this weird kinda dandruff comes off.
i'm suspecting mould?
I know the bleach gets rid of the wax, and i was just going to bleach my already realy realy dammaged hair, and hope for the best to get rid of it.
would that effect what i think is mould?
i couldnt find anything in the memmorys about getting rid of this weird wax wetness...
i know how bad wax is now though..
I hate wax, ew!

I also bleached out one of my dreads a while ago, that was realy realy bad with wax, and all the wax came out, but it wasnt realy a dread anymore, and i couldnt back comb it at all, so i fliped the root. and now its like...not realy a dread and more of a tangily braid.

basicly my dreads realy suck. hellp?
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hey there :)
it was about time for some new pics, so there you go!
they're close to 2,5 years now.
i'm having some serious dreaddubio here. not about cutting or not, since i'm sure i will cut them (oooh's and aaaah's).
but when, i don't know yet. soon?  ...anyway i'm ready for something new :)

i made dreads to two of my friends not too long ago. will post about that too. it felt like passing on the torch haha. (don't know if that's a dutch expression though).


Dread Virgin

Hello all. I'm new. I was just looking for some advice about dreads. I'm personally not getting them done but my boyfriend is set on having them and I just want them to turn out right. He's already started trying to get them going and I've been trying to help however I've run into a couple of problems.

1. I suck at back combing apparently lol. The middle of the dreads look great, but the ends and the roots don't really look dready. Plus they keep loosening up and falling apart (some of them) after he showers or sleeps. What can I do to help this?

2. Since my back combing sucks, I've been relying on knotty boy dread wax to keep things together. Not gobbing it on or anything. But I've heard that wax really isn't the best to use. Plus it hasn't made a huge difference anyways and just makes drying his hair take an hour with a hair dryer. What else can I use?

I really could use any and all tips.

Its Snowing!!!!

Its been snowing all night!

We barely ever get snow in England, and when we do its rubbish,....but today its gooood!<br>So, naturally, we took some photos, made some snow angels and got wet bums!<br><br>

.Its not without dread pix tho, obviously....

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sister :]

So, I really really like my sisters dreads.
She's the one who makes me want them.

ps! Im starting mine real soon,
i wanted my hair thicker/healthier before i started them,
so ive been taking vitamins and what not :]

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Im bored thought I would post a few pics of my two week old dreads
A lil fuzzy, a lil itchy and whole wack of no dreads underneath

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