February 9th, 2007

Hi everybody

I have had my dreads for five months today! Some of them are quite loopy, and I have a bit of loose hair, but I love them very much!
My natural color is growing out, and I'm not sure if I want  to keep the color I have now, or if I should go for something more natural...what do you think?

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So I currently look like this:

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So now that you've seen that- 
I've wanted dreadlocks for more than a few years now. Getting rid of the color in my hair is making me think more and more.. that maybe it is time.

The only thing that makes me nervous, is the idea of having to shave them off if I ever decide I don't want them anymore.

I'm also worried they won't look right on me. The way my hair is, the bottom and underneath is thinned out. The top is shorter, but I suppose little dreads on top of the longer ones will look cool.  The longest part of my hair is just a pinch past my collar bone. 

I've been talking to this kid that works at headlines. He's had his for three years, and they're quite nice. If I want my hair dreaded, I just need to call him up.

What do you guy think?

by the way- everyones dreads look great :]