February 11th, 2007

camwhore in the making

tax return came and i now own a digital camera. i'm all excited, even though i'm still figuring stuff out. so here be the dreadies, about 10 1/2 months old.

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plus 3 under cut (sorry so big. i just spent an hour dicking around resizing and killing my own buzz, so to speak)Collapse )
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6 month old dreads

Hey guys... I haven't really posted since I first started my dreads, but they're 6 months old now. Due to the curliness of my normal hair, they've been going crazy with loops and all, but I really really like them. I don't know if they'll ever look like "real" dreads, but whatever. Besides tearing them apart when they start to stick together, I've let them be more or less natural (though I did backcomb them to start them out). I can't wait till they start growing... they're definitely shorter than when I first put them in in August.

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i want to dye my hair again..
but i don't know which color.
the last year i had at first brown, after that
blond, after that white, after that mahogany brown and at last
black ( right now ).
suggestions???? :P

the tips of the dreadies are dark blond. it's chopped-off hair from my sis,
i made dreads out of it and attached them on mine :P