February 13th, 2007

out of time

How do YOU lock your dreads?

Hey everyone,

My dreads are officially one year old (tomorrow), and they are well-formed, but are soft. I've been using sea salt in my bathwater and roll them biweekly (err....maybe a little less then that), but I see people on here with dreads the same age as mine/little older, and theirs seem to lock up better (?)

What's your secret?


8 months

as promised, a monthly update even though this is late. lotsss of photos i really dont remeber what i've posted and haven't posted, so sorry if there are repeats! much love people

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hope you like 6 year olds

i have never posted here, but have been a lurker for 6 years. my dreads are going to be 6 in the spring, but i am bored and would like to show you all my dreads now! p.s. i hope this comes out OK, i am using ljcut and uploading photos for the first time...wow...

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Tips, tips, tips

So, there's plenty of stuff in the memories about rounding off your tips, but what if you want to go the other way and loosen 'em up? I saw a friend of mine today who's dreads I love and I realized one of the things I really like about them is the loose tips. Should I just go at it with a comb and take my time? Has anyone attempted this?
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My dreads are now ONE YEAR OLD!!! Well, it's 40 minutes to midnight and technically they were started last Valentine's day. But yeah, who cares about technicalities?!! On with the Collapse )
(rather image heavy!)
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john butler

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Hello! I have been commenting much but never really introduced myself; so um yes, I am Andrea and I'm 16 and umm, I'm cool I guess... And I'm bad at introductions. Well! Now that that's over with. :D Dreads six months as of february 6, these pics taken yesterday.
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Heylo peoples!

Hi there!

I'm Lem, and I have had my dreadz for about 5 years or so. I used to have yarn braided into them to make it look like dreadz originally, but I got so fed up with trying to undo the braids every time my hair needed dying that I left them in and grew dreadz for real. 

I love them, which is great considering I always swore I would never do the dreaddy with my hair. Now I cant imagine myself without them.

Anyway, here's a pic of me and the hair, taken this evening in my bathroom, hence the poor lighting!!

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So, apart from the intro, I just wanted to say hello, and what a bunch of fabulous dreadheadz you guys are!!

Much love  :)