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Hi [14 Feb 2007|08:27am]

Most recent picture

It's my seventeenth birthday today :)
Time to share some pictures :P

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Older pics. [14 Feb 2007|09:35am]
[ mood | amused ]

I thought I'd post some pre-dread and older dread pics... including a couple from when I had just braided the yarn in for the first time...

I'm still working out this whole 'how to post pics properly' thing, so apologies if it takes up all your screen or something!!

Man, looking back, I must have really thought I was super-cool!! (lmao) I was...hmm...26 when the dread pics were taken, and 24 for the pre-dread one. I'm 33 now (34 in December - how the hell did I get THAT old already?!?)
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dreadie update [14 Feb 2007|01:33pm]
ok, i put my wee dreads in 3 weeks ago (i think) but i needed a bit of length, they were looking a bit wild. so i kept looking to find a way to extend. particularly w/ wool, since it is so light weight. after not finding anything that really got my interest, i decided to wing it and make up my own extenders. i bought black and red wool roving hooked it through each dread w/ a crochet hook, then felted it as one would felt wool dread extentions (dipping one at a time in to very warm soapy water then palm rolling). the only difference was it was already attatched to my head.
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my dreads and my soul mate [14 Feb 2007|01:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i thougt i would join in the fun, i have not posted a pic in long time now. so here a pic of me and my husband. my dreads are about 5 1/2 years old now yay!

will post a better pic of them when i get the time


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Celebratory 6 month post [14 Feb 2007|10:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

My dreads have their half-birthday today.
Pics under the cut.

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Very fine hair question: [14 Feb 2007|11:57pm]
I have very fine hair, and not much of it. To top it off, I have thinner hair at the top/front of my head. I've wanted dreads for a very long time, and my hair is finally long enough to do them. Does anyone have this same hair type? Or could I get any advice on what would work for my very fine hair?
I looked in the memories. All the people with fine hair seem to have ALOT of fine hair, so it doesn't really help me.
I have backcombed a few rows on the back of my head, about a 1/2-1" in diameter for each section of hair. They were backcombed very tight. The dreaded hair ended up being about the width of a pencil, and there was quite a bit of bald-looking area between dreads. (Like, the space between cornrows) I took them out, because I thought perhaps I should go about doing it another way.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help. Everyone's dreads are so beautiful :)

I'm a girl, if that makes any difference. It's not balding, like male pattern baldness, just very thin at the crown.
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