February 14th, 2007


Older pics.

I thought I'd post some pre-dread and older dread pics... including a couple from when I had just braided the yarn in for the first time...

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I'm still working out this whole 'how to post pics properly' thing, so apologies if it takes up all your screen or something!!

Man, looking back, I must have really thought I was super-cool!! (lmao) I was...hmm...26 when the dread pics were taken, and 24 for the pre-dread one. I'm 33 now (34 in December - how the hell did I get THAT old already?!?)
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dragon sm

dreadie update

ok, i put my wee dreads in 3 weeks ago (i think) but i needed a bit of length, they were looking a bit wild. so i kept looking to find a way to extend. particularly w/ wool, since it is so light weight. after not finding anything that really got my interest, i decided to wing it and make up my own extenders. i bought black and red wool roving hooked it through each dread w/ a crochet hook, then felted it as one would felt wool dread extentions (dipping one at a time in to very warm soapy water then palm rolling). the only difference was it was already attatched to my head.
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my dreads and my soul mate

i thougt i would join in the fun, i have not posted a pic in long time now. so here a pic of me and my husband. my dreads are about 5 1/2 years old now yay!

will post a better pic of them when i get the time

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Very fine hair question:

I have very fine hair, and not much of it. To top it off, I have thinner hair at the top/front of my head. I've wanted dreads for a very long time, and my hair is finally long enough to do them. Does anyone have this same hair type? Or could I get any advice on what would work for my very fine hair?
I looked in the memories. All the people with fine hair seem to have ALOT of fine hair, so it doesn't really help me.
I have backcombed a few rows on the back of my head, about a 1/2-1" in diameter for each section of hair. They were backcombed very tight. The dreaded hair ended up being about the width of a pencil, and there was quite a bit of bald-looking area between dreads. (Like, the space between cornrows) I took them out, because I thought perhaps I should go about doing it another way.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help. Everyone's dreads are so beautiful :)

I'm a girl, if that makes any difference. It's not balding, like male pattern baldness, just very thin at the crown.