February 16th, 2007

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So, I'm on my second set of dreads....after much research and poking about the memories (which is a wealth of imformation). They continue to amaze me and I am falling more and more in love with them everyday!!! ha ha.....so here they are....tell me what ya think.....

Also, I've been through the roots and such sections of the memories, and I know that roots are going to be loose and that it take patience (something I am still learning), but any tricks besides rubbing and such?? I have a co-worker who twists and pins her roots....but I don't know if I have enough time for that. I have been rubbing the roots and putting in random rubberbands. Any other good tricks??

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so i'm doing my second set of dreads naturally, and it's already starting to get little tangles even though it's short. the only thing is, i like to run my fingers through my hair and i end up breaking the tangles. when it gets longer will it just tangle up too much to break or will i have to have restraint from playing with my hair? also it seems like my hair may start to dread in mid to late april at the earliest does anyone else feel like making a guess?

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Remember Me?

Hello All,

It certainly has been a while. I missed you guys..I hope someone (anyone) missed me.

The dreads were started late June of last year...

Thought I'd give you guys a well deserved updated. Tell me what you think.

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Apprehensions...graduation and future career

Ok, so Im planning on finally starting my dreads next week. However after talking at length with my boyfriend, and friends at uni, some unexpected problems/concerns have arisen...

- i graduate from my degree in July, and im moving to a new town (boyf is off to uni so following merrily) in August, and will have to get a "graduate payscale" job to fund my new life, house and moving expenses...

-Ill be applying for any number of different jobs from IT helpdesk type stuff to Acoustic consultancy type work (my degree is in Sound and Music technology)Im due to graduate with a pretty good grade (2:1 - 1:1)

- I want a really good job, ive worked f**king hard at uni and struggled financially for a long time. i dont want to carry on living on less than minimum wage like i have been at uni...

-I want dreads. I love the way they look, I have done since i was 14/15 or so (now 22) i just know ill love em through their lifetime inhabiting my scalp.

- i have a willing and able family member to help me this coming tuesday. Plus friends/mum etc all agree its time i knuckled down and stopped talking about them and actually did them!

So you see my dilemma. Ive read the posts in the memories regarding dreads and employment and discrimination, if you were me what would you do? I do plan on leaving loose hair at the front to "discuise" my appearance a bit. plus Im adept at putting my hair into twists/buns/scarves after working as a baker :P

Would you do them now, and hope they look presentable but possibly risk loosing out on jobs as ill be moving to a smaller city.

or start them alone (probably) when a job has been found, rent can be paid and i hopefulluy wont get sacked.

BTW i have very long hair, so hiding them under wigs might not be do-able.

I just need experienced opinions :)
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An introduction...

Hey, I've hung out here for a coupla weeks and now my dreads are officially 2wks old! They live a tentative existance here on my whim prone head, but so far have survived! Yay! So here's pics and Hi! (^_^)//

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