February 17th, 2007

mini timeline - oct to feb.

i can't believe it's been nearly four months already, but the calendar doesn't lie. as a mini-celebration, here's a small timeline of my dreads.

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it's crazy to see how much they've changed in so little time - from crazy sideshow bob, to 'fro, to whatever the hell they are now. i never really notice it until i look at pictures. i have good and bad dread days, but the more time that passes, the more i love my hair. i'm excited to see what my 6-, 12-, 18-month+ timelines will look like. hope you enjoyed my mini-timeline!

i leave you with completely unrelated pictures of the striking beauty of the south puget sound area of western WA. Collapse )

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hello lovely people!

Here we are again, my dreads are almost a year but I will not post pictures of my dreads but of a photoshoot I had yesterday for a project at school.. Me and a friend of mine have to do a presentation about a paper we made and the subject is: Feminism and the women as a sex (desire) object.. so we thought it would be fun to do something different so we wanted to do a photoshoot about men subordinately to women! we looked for some male models and found four willing to pose half naked :P my boyfriend made the photo's and here is the result, hope you like it :D (it's not that professional sooo don't expect too much! )

Klik voor groot formaat

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hope you enjoyed it ;) next time I will send more pics of my dreads ;) 

Big Kiss, Hess

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sooo..i was thinking of washing my hair with head and shoulders due to an exceedingly itchy scalp and flakes.Its the only alernative right now,i dont have tea tree oil or apple vinegar. Should i do it?

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