February 18th, 2007

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a valentine's day post

because you kids are interested in my life, i thought i'd copy over these images i just posted to my own lj. dreads are sort of present, i guess? not really. but hey, you all love me, except those of you who hate me, & that's reason enough for me to post here. :D

anyhow, joe gave me the best & most romantic valentine's day gift ever:

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i'd like to point out he didn't do this for me; he'd been wanting it done for a full decade. the choice of date was the only part done in my honor. & i wouldn't have it any other way.

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my homegirl was tellin' me about a certain kinda soak she used when she had dreads, she said it gets rid of mildew and makes them way tighter but she never said WHAT she used..

does anyone have any sort of idea?
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My dreads have had interesting sorts of attention these past couple days. Last night, my mom asked me, "You don't really like how that looks, do you?" Today, I ran into a lady I house sitted for a month or so ago, and she asked me "What did you do to your hair? Perm it?" When I told her they were dreads, she got a phony kind of smile and told me they looked 'nice'. I've actually had a lot of that... people are generally polite, but you can tell that they don't particularly approve of them. I even had an older lady tap me on the shoulder and inform me "Dear, your hair is all matted", as though I hadn't yet noticed!

But also today, I wore my hair down at work for the first time. Part of the deal I struck with my manager was that I would wear them up so they'd be less noticeable, but she wasn't working today and I'd washed my dreads before work and didn't want to get a nasty ponytail bump, so I didn't bother. I got more than one compliment from my coworkers; girls closer to my age who genuinely like them.

And so it's had its up and downs, as things tend to do. Sometimes I love my dreads, sometimes I hate them - most of the time I don't really care either way. They have more personality than I'd ever imagined. More bumps and loops than my last set of dreads could have ever dreamt of. Some are perfectly round and straight, knotted from root to tip in uniform fashion, while other are a flat mass of hair that only wants to knot in places. My boyfriend is constantly pestering me to let him 'fix them'. But what is there to fix? I think next weekend, I'll let him sew in some loose hair, make some sense of the back of my head, but I love my loops.

I tried taking some pictures, but it didn't go so well. Expect some in a week or so, my dreads will be a month old and I'll hopefully get some dye in them.

Thank you to anyone who read this; I just felt like talking, I suppose :)