February 21st, 2007


hula hoop help?

so i've been hula hooping quite a while.. and it's never been an issue before.. but as my hair has been increasing in length and volume i find it getting in my way all the time.

i can barely get the hoop up and down over my head or above my shoulders, around my neck, etc. anymore without my hair attacking it. even if i wear a super high/tight/flat bun, it nearly doubles the size of my head and i've become clumsy all over again. it's paralyzed my hoop! i feel like i'm starting from the beginning.

does anyone here hula hoop? have the same problems? find a way to deal? even know what i'm talking about??

haha, well. worth a shot. to keep it fresh... here's a pic!

yeah i know nearly half my hair isnt dreaded. but believe me... it's still a pain in my hoopin' ass.

thanks guys!
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peterborough festival : mar 9th : info

heyyy kiddies.
here is the most recent info for anyone interested in coming out to peterborough, canada, for a killer night of celebration and rebirth...

if you need any more info, add me to msn: justthisgiirl@hotmail.com
or email me at the same adress. also, if you want a cheap ticket saved for you (right now they're $15, the prices go up every few wks), let me know and i'll put it aside.

hope to see some dreadies there! trust me, you'll be at home if ya come.

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bye lovies!
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