February 23rd, 2007

Me with dread

Begining dread advice needed;)

Hi all!
I am a bit of a newbie and I don't have too many people to ask for help, so I am turning to you guys. I have had dreads for the past three months. I previously used wax to help tighten them, but after reading posts on this board I stopped. So, my questions for you, my brothers and sisters in hair, are:
1. What else can I do to make my locks tighten?
2. When is a good time for me to remove the rubber bands?
3. How do you wash your dreads throughly?
4. Do stress bumps ever really go away?

Thanks guys! Oh and for reference, heres a pic of my dreads at two and a half months:

Edit: Sorry, I had a non-thinking moment and didn't check the memories... Please disregard this post then;)
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Baby Squid

(no subject)

Hi all, :) I've had my dreads for about 3 and a half months now and i love them to bits. Unfortunately, my camera is missing, so no pictures yet :( Anyway, I feel like i'm running into a brick wall head first - I'm really impatient about my hair and I can also be really impulsive, and right now, my brain is wanting a mohawk. I love my dreadies to bits, as do alot of my friends, so I was wondering if anyone could give me a slap? :)

Also, I know cottonmouthdn and a few others have run into the problem of people walking up and touching your dreads without asking, and also asking stupid questions, but have any of you had friends just do it? Or have any of you had people obsess over your dreads? 

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Also, has anyone had people randomly come up and tug on your dreads really hard?
Thanks for your help :)
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Tribal Face

Dread head to be!

So I have sat here for hours reading through the memories and the community in general, which makes me even more stoked about getting dreads. I've always wanted to do it, but I placed it in the back of my mind for years. I suppose one of my main concerns is shrinkage. I understand that th shorter your locks are, the tighter they are and that they will grow out eventually anyways. But I really don't want my hair to be any shorter because I have always hated short hair (on me, that is). Right now my hair is 13-14 inches long, so I know I will loose a couple inches, at least.

I photoshopped a picture of myself with dreads to see how it would look, and the dreads that I photoshopped are slightly short, but long enough, I suppose.

This is what I look like now (except this was last year but I have the same hair cut and my hair at this point is maybe an inch or two longer than this)
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And this is the photoshopped picture!
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I need some serious feedback! Obviously the photoshop picture is not entirely accurate because its not MY hair, but I just needed an idea of what it would look like because it's a long term commitment and I need to be 100% confident before doing it!

Also I'm located in Winona, Minnesota and I don't have the money to seek "professional" help, but could still pay someone to lend me a helping hand...or two...

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(no subject)

YAY for finally getting dreads, after ages of talk and a few failed self attemps, my wonderful friend attacked my head.. they are pretty crazy looking though :/
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sorry bout low quality webcam pics, i somehow broke my cameras usb cord and university makes me unable to afford a replacement..