February 25th, 2007



hello! newbie here! haha

i have a couple questions... my friend did my dreads a few days ago (Thursday night)...
so i slept with a toque on for the first couple nights...and i find that i have mad frizzies...
A) should i buy some frizz-ease stuff or will they just calm down eventually?
B) id like to wash my hair with natural shampoo... i used lemonjuice/hotwater+baking soda today and it an ok job...any suggestions?
C) because my hair is so short (as you will see behind the cut), there are a couple of dreads that im afraid of losing... it seems when i palmroll, that they losen up? even though i backcomb?...ugh. if there aer any ppl out there with short dreads, could you please give me some tips for my babies??? haha

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fifteen days.

long-time listener first time caller* and formerly dreadless.
i have been dreaded!
i've had my dreads for 15 days.
i did them myself.
i have odd loose hairs.
i'll sew those in.

* i've always wanted to say that.

they're looking better.

i let my hair naturally dread for a few months.
[the tightest and hardest ones were at parts of my head
that i sleep on. i thought that was cute.]
then decided that i definitely couldn't wait for my hair to grow out.
and let it flow

they're real short.
i may get extensions when i can afford it
and when they're stronger.

blah blah blah

les photos:

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anybody wanna work on my hair that lives in or around columbus, ohio? i can pay in cash, or goods/services in the form of music. like if you do all my dreads i will do a house party for you (i'm a dj). alternatively, if you know a place around columbus that works on dreads let me know as well. thankies in advance.