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[25 Feb 2007|03:38am]
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well, pics like i said anyways! [25 Feb 2007|04:07am]
[ mood | calm ]

so, i posted a bit ago about the start of my dreads! here they be...

these are pics from when they were finished. 1week updates possibly coming soon...

well, here's me before (like, this summer):

and that's all for now!
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[25 Feb 2007|03:48pm]
I've been lurking like the undercover fuzz and now I just need to contribute. Here is a HUGE picture post, and one blast-from-the-past picture that makes me giggle. Enjoy!

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18 months, or somewhere thereabouts.Collapse )
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Newbie! [25 Feb 2007|04:24pm]
hello! newbie here! haha

i have a couple questions... my friend did my dreads a few days ago (Thursday night)...
so i slept with a toque on for the first couple nights...and i find that i have mad frizzies...
A) should i buy some frizz-ease stuff or will they just calm down eventually?
B) id like to wash my hair with natural shampoo... i used lemonjuice/hotwater+baking soda today and it an ok job...any suggestions?
C) because my hair is so short (as you will see behind the cut), there are a couple of dreads that im afraid of losing... it seems when i palmroll, that they losen up? even though i backcomb?...ugh. if there aer any ppl out there with short dreads, could you please give me some tips for my babies??? haha

I apologize in advance, the pics may be a bit big...Read more...Collapse )
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fifteen days. [25 Feb 2007|06:33pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

long-time listener first time caller* and formerly dreadless.
i have been dreaded!
i've had my dreads for 15 days.
i did them myself.
i have odd loose hairs.
i'll sew those in.

* i've always wanted to say that.

they're looking better.

i let my hair naturally dread for a few months.
[the tightest and hardest ones were at parts of my head
that i sleep on. i thought that was cute.]
then decided that i definitely couldn't wait for my hair to grow out.
and let it flow

they're real short.
i may get extensions when i can afford it
and when they're stronger.

blah blah blah

les photos:

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[25 Feb 2007|08:25pm]
anybody wanna work on my hair that lives in or around columbus, ohio? i can pay in cash, or goods/services in the form of music. like if you do all my dreads i will do a house party for you (i'm a dj). alternatively, if you know a place around columbus that works on dreads let me know as well. thankies in advance.
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thinking of [25 Feb 2007|09:05pm]
undreading some fringe, i keep wavering, but think it will look cute, i mean what is the worst that can happen i have to rebackcomb?
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Dreadie Timeline [25 Feb 2007|10:43pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Wow..words can't express how proud I am of my dreadlocks. I've had them since summer 2005 and they have come a loooooong way! Check it out:Collapse )

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I'm so tired... [25 Feb 2007|11:38pm]

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Asya [25 Feb 2007|11:45pm]
[ mood | calm ]

It's me ,)
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1.9 yrs. [25 Feb 2007|11:53pm]
today--well i guess now yesterday--my dreads turned one year and 9 months old!

so long!

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