February 26th, 2007


wow, I keep this site on my friends list on my Livejournal and everytime I click on it, must be 20 of you guys always making new entries daily...

don't get me wrong, beauties for sure all of ya

I am curious as to how you poeple keep such a precise time track of your dreadlocks? and why? I am so lax, I just have this story about my dreads but I keep them timeless...I guess I prefer to live life timeless... so kudos to you guys who have the ability to go years and months precisle for birthdays for your dreadies...even weeks some of you! (which might be a little ridiculous)

So here I be saying , singin one to ya kudos in a one love fashion get up , dread up!

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    St. Germain - so flute


Yes. It's true. My hair is growing. I take Biotin like I'm addicted to it, I don't know if it's actually making my hair grow faster, but it's not making it grow any more slowly?

Pictures of my non-dreaded self today after being outside in our foot of snow:

I am waiting, waiting, waiting. And thinking, I think I want dreads about the size of my pinkie, which is actually sort of large, because I have man hands.

Love to you beauties,
Lacy Magnolia