March 1st, 2007


Felting needle punch ....this thing ROCKS!

A bunch of you have talked about using felting needles to clean up your dreads a bit....or to tame loops (*GASP*).

Well, I bought a pack of felting needles and tried playing around with them, but didn't really care for the process......until I found this:

You can find them online here:

I found this little treasure at a little yarn shop in Wickford, RI while I was visiting my mom at the beginning of February.

It's a felting punch with 5 felting needles on the punch. It has a safety locking tool and it also has a guard on it. It's awesome!!! I'm combining some of my smaller dreads together (the ones that want to eat each other) and this is going SO much faster than what I was trying to do with one needle and trying to hold 4 needles together in my hand.

Just thought I'd share my awesome find. :)

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First post in a loooooooooong time, actually this i only my second post ever. I was planing to make a post when my dreads had their one year birthday in December, but I have just moved, and my new apartment does not have Internet. So I have to go down to my school to be on the net on their computers. I'm now sitting besides a girl whit the prettiest locks I've ever seen in real life, and on my other side I have a man whit really strange (but cool) looking dreads. I have my camera whit me, but I can not bring myself to ask them if I can take their picture. Anyway, I'll soon be posting a time line, and until then a picture of me from last may taken by my friend Helge: