March 3rd, 2007

you're like the planets when you move

Let's try this again!

Hey there all you dready people.

I made a similar post a while ago, but I didn't get much response so I'll try one more time.

Are there any people in the Greater Boston area who'd be willing to help me start dreadlocks in my long, somewhat-curly hair?

Details such as compensation are very much negotiable. Please and thank you!

ETA: I'd prefer someone who has started locks at least once before, but frankly I'm getting uppity and desperate, so...
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yeah, i became one. :D
never been redhead before ^^
i'm really really happy with it, i love the color.
it was a doubtfull job, but it worked out pretty good,
i made some pics of the dyejob;

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I dyed my hair for the first time in my life.  My hair matched my walls in this picture. I only did the back because I thought it would be a bad idea to dye around my face for work but now that it's done it looks silly unless it's up. I'm going to dye more of them soon.

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