March 4th, 2007

Big project.

I've been reading through the memories and checking the listed sites for about a week now, and I've gathered about as much info as I could, and before I start my project, I was wondering if anyone here would be patient enough to go over with me what I need to do/what I missed before I get going.

My situation

I have chin length layered hair. And human hair extensions from Sally's.

To my understanding, this is what I need to do.

Section my hair.
Dread it.
Dread the extensions.
Sew them in.

Is there a complete list of instructions on how to a) Dread my own SHORT hair properly so it doesn't look all messed up, and I'm not 100% clear on how to go about dreading my hair, I just want to make sure I don't end up messing my hair up; and b) How to make dreading extenions easier, because right now it's quite tricky and they're slippery, they're REAL hair, not synthetic, finally c) how to attatch/sew in the extensions to my real hair?

I hear all of this stuff about salt water, wax, special combs...
I am so out of the loop and feel overwhelmed. What is it I need?
Sorry if this is bothersome, I'm just being paranoid.

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whoohoo they finally start growing :)

+ what is the best way to change my hair to blond?  i dyed my hair with henna the last time, so i think it will be pretty difficult or even impossible, but i thought i'd try :)

dreadlock glory shot!

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i've checked the memories but i don't know exactly what to look under for such a thing....

i had a set of dreads a few years back that formed under a set of fake wool dread extentions that i wore for a play... totally loved them and have wanted to grow out a second set for quite awhile. i stopped brushing my hair a few weeks ago and they started to form on their own around my crown/front of my face, and while the hair around the nape of my neck isn't quite yet long enough to start knotting, the stuff on the back of my head is but i can't quite reach it. so i have maybe a dozen? or so baby ones up top but the rest of my hair is just a tangly mess. basically i'm on the no-maintenance-ever-at-all route right now but i want to at least start them strong and then go back to being a lazy bastard.

anyone know someplace in los angeles/santa monica/venice/the valley/whatever (i'll travel within the area if its a good place.. i'm from new york. traffic does not faze me!) where i can get someone to do those for me? pulling the random stray hairs from completely different parts of my head out of the ones that already exist out and starting the rest. the ones i've got are going pretty well as is (totally happier with these than the first set already!) but the back needs some serious kick-starting.

wish i had a picture of the current state up there, or a picture of the old set... closest i can get at the moment is my dreadlock glory shot icon of the old set. LOVIN IT!

ciao :p