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new [09 Mar 2007|11:38am]
so i have been watching this community for awhile and have finally decided to show off my hair...their 7 months old now and i love them ALOT! although in this picture my cheeks are a little puffy as i just had dental work done...sorry

not the best photo of me but its a picture that actually shows my dreads...i definatley need to invest in a new camera...
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[09 Mar 2007|11:50am]
hello all!
i just wanted to say hi and finally introduce myself.
no, i don't have dreads yet, but i am quite fond of all of yours.

my name is katy, i'm twenty, i'm from michigan, and this is me: Read more...Collapse )

(it's a really big fuckin' photo, i'm sorry.)

anyhow, i am also here to do some shameless advertising.
if this isn't allowed, please let me know or just delete it.

this is my company "hemp n' stuff", and basically i sell hemp jewelry, all hand made, for an okay price.
i make necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. prices range from $7-$10.
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also check out www.myspace.com/hempnstuff for more examples, or to contact me.

if you're interested, please reply here, or email me at hempnstuff@hotmail.com.

thank you so much for your time, it was nice meeting you all, and happy dreading!

i can't wait to get my own!
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because i haven't updated in ages [09 Mar 2007|12:28pm]
from a couple months ago, i think, in my friend's '68 mustang:

my sides needed a shave & my roots were months old, but there you go. & if that wasn't enough, my latest posts can always be found here.

photos of me with gorthok to come as soon as we have more time.

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Nest head.... [09 Mar 2007|12:41pm]
Whoa, look... photos!

My SO started playing with my hair one night... Somehow he figured out how to weave a nest.
two more photos... one with a superchickenfinger puppet!Collapse )
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:) [09 Mar 2007|12:46pm]
[ mood | productive ]

yes I am still alive! but school has taken over my whole life.

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